Man-o-War Cay, The Bahamas, Home of the Texaco Pirates

Want to play fastball on your own private island?


 Bring your glove, bring your bat, bring your snorkel.

Whatever you do, bring your team to this one!

Man-o-war Pirates Fastball Tournament
Where: Man-o-war cay Abaco Bahamas
When; May 24th - May 26th 2007
Entry fee; $250.00 deadline february 1st 2007
Format: Round Robin with 4 game guarantee
Rules: No snorkeling between innings ;-)
Haziel Mcdonald
Man-o-war cay
Abaco Bahamas PO
AB 2290
phone contact; [242]365-6436 cell [242]359-6449
e-mail; or
work e-mail;
Flight info and accomodation info please contact Haziel Mcdonald.