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Monday, December 13th, 2010

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ISC Release on 2010 Format Change

Monday, December 7th, 2009

ISC Release on 2010 Format Change

December 7, 2009

For immediate Release

The International Softball Congress is pleased to announce that the 2010 ISC World Tournament will be a 48-team event utilizing a modified EGC format which includes an ISC II Championship bracket.

All 48 teams will compete in the opening rounds of the tournament. The ISC II Championship single elimination bracket will be comprised of the first 24 teams that are eliminated from the ISC World Tournament bracket.

This restructuring has been approved by the ISC Executive Committee, the ISC Board of Directors and the Midland Host Committee.

Classification between ISC and ISC II will be eliminated. All teams will be able to sign pitchers who were previously on the ISC II Ineligible List including PRAWNs and out-of-region players (OOR) subject to existing limitations for PRAWNs and fees for OOR players. Please note that the maximum of two OOR pitchers is still in effect. The ISC will publish a unified set of rankings rather than separate rankings for ISC and ISC II teams.

The primary purpose of these changes is to continue providing our host cities with a sufficient number of teams and economic impact to warrant their hosting efforts and to provide teams with additional opportunities and games.

A sample unified tournament bracket is now displayed on the ISC Web Site at to show how the tournament will flow and how teams will enter the ISC II bracket. This is a sample only and any game days or times shown on this bracket should be disregarded as the final schedule has yet to be determined. All teams will be guaranteed at least three games (only 4-teams will have 3-games while all others are guaranteed 4-games). Those in the ISC II bracket will be guaranteed a minimum of four games.

Click here to view the bracket in html format and here to view a pdf version.

Here is some additional information about the 2010 ISC World Tournament:

• An informal poll of ISC II caliber teams drew 20-respones and shows that all respondents would consider entering a unified tournament that includes an ISC II championship bracket.
• To compensate for the reduction of total teams compared with 2009, the ISC will pursue the possibility of a 16-team Legends tournament to be run during the World Tournament. There will also be a 4-team U19 (Midget) tournament. Dates of both the Legends and U19 segments and Legends age-category will be announced later. It is also felt that a Legends division will be appreciated by many fans.
• A full complement of awards will be presented in all four segments; ISC, ISC II, Masters and U19.
• The 2010 ISC World Tournament is scheduled to start Friday August 13 with two games and the championship game on Saturday, August 21. The ISC II Championship game will likely be played on Thursday, August 19.
• The full statistical package that the ISC provides will be kept for all four tournament segments.
• Streaming of both the World Tournament and ISC II segments will continue as in past years. The ISC II Championship game will likely be video streamed.
• We will soon send 2010 berth allocations to our five Regional Vice Presidents and International Director for distribution among invitational tournaments in 2010. There will be 48 total berths allocated less berths that were filled in 2009 for 2010. Berths will be designated ISC Berths and we will no longer distinguish between World Tournament and ISC II ToC berths. We currently have 16 teams qualified for 2010 berths from 2009 Qualifiers plus two Midland Host Teams.
• The pre-tournament manager meeting and team registration will be held on Friday, August 13. Opening ceremonies will be held on Saturday evening, August 14.

The ISC apologizes to the Midland Host Committee for implying that it had approved the format in our release last Monday. The Midland Host Committee did not officially approve the format until today.

For further information, please contact

Ken Hackmeister
ISC Executive Director

20th Annual Jim Bradford Classic in Grafton, ON

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Grafton – Jim Bradford Classic
June 11-13th , 2010
$450 entry
Guaranteed 3 games
Top 10 go into a single elimination bracket
Looking for 20 teams
Teams already showing interest are:
Cobourg Force
Quyon Combat Flyers
Ottawa Team Easton
Contact Steve Bedard

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We remember

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Canada East Travel League meeting moved to Dec 13

Friday, November 6th, 2009

The ISC Travel League of Eastern Canada – CHANGE OF DATE

The league meeting scheduled for Sunday November 8th has been CANCELLED and is rescheduled for Sunday December 13th, 2009 at 10:30 at the Grand Valley Golf Course

All Canada East ISC and ISC II teams are invited to attend the “state of the league” meeting for the Canada East ISC League on Sunday DECEMBER 13 at 10:30am at the Grand Valley Golf Club.

1910 Roseville Road
Cambridge ON N1R 5S3

For more information, please contact one of:
David Bakker
League President

Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP

Joe Todd
Canada East Regional Commissioner

House looking to revive Erie tourney

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Editor’s Note: Our good friend and Ballpark Radio broadcast partner Bill Hillhouse is looking to revive the Erie tournament on the American Memorial Day weekend. Let Billy know if you’re interested. At one time, this was one of the premier early season events and could be again.

To the softball community. I am trying to revive the Erie PA Memorial Day tournament. I know there is a lot going on right now in the softball world and teams are a ways from committing to a schedule at this point but, if there is enough interest.. I will make this go. I’m considering all options in terms of format, # of teams, etc. But with so few places to play these days and our options dwindiling. I will see if I can make this happen.

The knock on the Erie tournament has always been weather (for the most part). While nothing can be done about that anywhere, the last few Memorial Days without the tournament have been beautiful so why not try again.

It’s my hope to recruit the best teams possible, best umpires possible and hopefully get BallParkRadio here for the games too. Please contact me if your team has interest in coming so I can keep an email list.

Bill Hillhouse

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Possible ISC Changes For 2010 Season

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

With the recent influx of notices of teams ceasing operations for 2010, the ISC is taking steps to ensure that the ISC World Tournament remains a healthy and viable event that has appeal for teams, fans, host cities and the ISC.

Any proposed changes will require approval by both the ISC Executive Committee and then the full ISC Board of Directors. Our goal is to have this process completed and announced in the next five weeks.

Without going into specifics, some or all of the following may be impacted:
* PRAWN rules for 2010
* Out of Region fees
* Berth allocations to our five regions for Qualifying tournaments
* Team rankings
* Structure of both the ISC World Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions

Because of the above, we suggest that teams take the above into consideration in discussions with prospective players until everyone knows exactly what changes will be implemented.

We are committed to making an announcement as quickly as possible.

Ken Hackmeister
Executive Director

Zack headed to ISF Hall of Fame

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Congratulations to Darren Zack on his nomination to the International Softball Federation Hall of Fame announced this weekend at the ISF Congress on Margarita Island in Venezuela.

Darren, who will be inducted into Softball Canada’s Hall of Fame in November and will become a member of the ISC Hall of Fame next August, won ISF gold in 1992 and two silver medals in 1996 and 2004. Darren also won Pan Am gold in 1991, 1995 and 1999.

Congratulations Darren!

Silver for Sammy and Gord in Sydney

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


Thanks to our friend Dave Birnie for noting that ISC II players Jason Smith, CPI, and Mike Crawford, Minesing, were members of the Cornwall Team Canada squad along with Sam Forbes. Click here for a great photo. And we should note that Nick McCurry, Ashland, was running the Ohio Battery team.

Congratulations to the ISC II’s Sam Forbes, of the Bridgeport Braves, and Gord Scott, of Palermo Athletics, who each won silver medals at the 2009 World Masters Games in Sydney, Australia. Sammy was with Cornwall Team Canada in the 35+ B Division, while Gord was in the 45+ B Division with Ohio Battery.

Click here for the final results.

St Thomas League 2009 season Awards

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Team MVP’s
Alvinston – Joe Triest
Glanworth – Jake McKillop
Glencoe – Shaun Winship
Morpeth – Mike Speed
Shedden – Jason Dawdy
St. Thomas – Dan Beecroft

Batting Champion – Brent MacPherson (.390)
Home Run Champ – Rowan Lam and Jason Dawdy (5)
RBI Champ – Jeff MacPherson (17)

Rookie of the Year – Brent MacPherson (Glanworth)

Best ERA “Jack McAlpine Memorial Award” – Dan Beecroft (1.42)

MVPitcher – Dan Beecroft (St. Thomas)

MVPlayer of League “Don Squeak Hanley Memorial Award” – Shaun Winship (Glencoe)

Playoff MVP – John Ferguson (Alvinston)

Elmer Dude Lach Memorial Award – Tim Wilkins

Jeff Carder Memorial Award – John Ferguson (Alvinston)

Steve Palmer Memorial Award – Rowan Lam (Glencoe)

Lorne Thomson Memorial Award – Gary Wren/Paul McCart (Alvinston)

League Champs Plaques for St. Thomas
League Playoff Champs Plaques for Alvinston
Playoff Finalist Plaque for Shedden

GOFL All-Stars

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Editor’s Note: Courtesy of our good friend Adam Brown in Fitzroy Harbour, is the list of players voted to the All-Star teams by the Greater Ottawa Fastball League. Read Adam’s Eastern Ontario Fastball Blog here.

Congratulations to the players voted to the 2009 All-Star teams for the Greater Ottawa Fastball League, as elected by the team representatives.

View stats at the website.

First Team:
Pitcher: Dan Bradley, Stittsville 56ers
Catcher: Joe McCleary, Quyon COMBAT Flyers
1st Base: Anil Hayne, Greely DNTW Eagles
2nd Base: Joel Langford, Orleans Gators (unanimous)
3rd Base: Nick Armitage, Quyon COMBAT Flyers
Shortstop: Scott Herriot, Stittsville 56ers
Designated Player: Will Mood, Ottawa Blitz
Outfielders: Dan Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers (unanimous); Don Cox, Manotick Lomor Printers; Darren Featherstone, Stittsville 56ers

Second Team:
Pitcher: Drew Hathway, Quyon COMBAT Flyers
Catcher: Dave Tubman, Ottawa Team Easton
1st Base: Derick Bulley, Ottawa Blitz; Scott Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers (tie)
2nd Base: Andrew Bruce, Ottawa Blitz
3rd Base: Kyle Gourgon, Ottawa Team Easton; John Craig, Stittsville 56ers (tie)
Shortstop: Kevin McGuire, Carp I4C Victory
Designated Player: Kyle Jamieson, Stittsville 56ers
Outfielders: Calvin Medynski, Manotick Lomor Printers; Cory Morrison, Ottawa Team Easton; Ryan Bond, Stittsville 56ers

Softball at the World Masters Games

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

A couple of ISC II players are in Sydney, Australia for the 2009 World Masters Games. Ageless wonder Sammy Forbes, of the Bridgeport Braves, is with Cornwall Team Canada in the 35+ B Division, while Gord Scott, of Palermo Athletics, is in the 45+ B Division with Ohio Battery.

Click here for daily results and other information.