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Ontario Challenge Cup Friday 7 pm

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Game 4
Wellington Sox 8

Mississauga Sox 1 – 5 innings
WP Jeremy deBelleval
LP Glenn Dorrington, relief Martin Mauviel
Wellington: Jeff Detta 2 HRs (1 inside, 1 out) 3 RBIs; Jeremy Creeden 3 RBIs

Game 7
Ohsweken Redmen 8

Ingersoll Crush 7
WP Darren Zack in relief of Wayne Green
LP Todd Winkworth in relief of Adam Martin
Redmen Robert Bomberry 2 HRs 5 RBIs
Crush Darryl Wharram HR 3 runs; Eric Scott 3 runs

Game 3
Kitchener Selects 1

Waterdown Target 0
WP Doug Hoffman
LP Mark Curtis, relief Rick Hames
Selects Steve Hall HR

Game 8
Elmira Expos 4

Arthur Merchants 2
WP Dan Martin
LP Brady Lantz
Expos Kevin Gutcher HR 2 RBIs
Merchants Todd Swift RBI Jamie Taylor RBI

-Blair Setford

Challenge Cup Schedule

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Below is the opening round schedule for the 2009 ISC II Challenge Cup qualifier tournament in Stratford Sept 18-20.

Full schedule here.

The winner of the tournament will receive an entry-fee paid berth in the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan.

All games will be played at the Packham Complex in Stratford.

Gm 1 Friday 9 pm D3 Shakespeare Falcons vs Wiarton Nationals
Gm 2 Friday 9 pm D4 Glencoe Astros vs Minesing Monarchs
Gm 3 Friday 7 pm D3 Waterdown Target vs Kitchener Selects
Gm 4 Friday 7 pm D4 Mississauga Sox vs Wellington Sox
Gm 5 Friday 9 pm D5 Hickson Reds vs Cambridge Reds
Gm 6 Friday 9 pm D2 Zurich Rangers vs Alvinston Indians
Gm 7 Friday 7 pm D5 Ohsweken Redmen vs Ingersoll Crush
Gm 8 Friday 7 pm D2 Arthur Merchants vs Elmira Expos

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Challenge Cup East

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

The Challenge Cup East ISC II qualifier tournament is in McNab/Braeside Sept 18-20.

Full schedule here.

The winner of the tournament will receive an entry-fee paid berth in the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Midland, Michigan.

All games will be played at McNab Center Park. Additional questions, please email Harold MacMillan of McNab Minor Softball at

Gm 1 Friday 8 pm Carp I4C Victory vs Blackburn Guzzlers
Gm 2 Saturday 9 am Team Easton vs North Fred Kings
Gm 3 Saturday 9 am Manotick Lomor Printers vs Donnacona Blue Sox
Gm 4 Saturday 11 am Quyon COMBAT Flyers vs winner Gm 1

Games continue throughout the day Saturday and resume on Sunday at 9 am. The championship game is scheduled for 11 am Sunday with the “if” game to follow immediately.

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Loughborough Tournament Results

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

The Loughborough Men’s Fastpitch League (Played in the Kingston, ON area) had their championship tournament to determine a League Champion on Fri Sept 11 and Sat Sept 12, 2009. With the top 4 teams receiving a double life and the bottom 4 receiving a single life with no if necessary game only a championship, the knockout tournament results and regular season standing are as follows:


1-Napanee Express Jr’s
2-North Fred Kings
3-Kingston Cowboys

5-Enterprise Oasis
7-Central Frontenac Midget Cyclones
8-Battersea Merchants

** The Napanee Express Midgets also competed in Regular season play, however due to player availibilty could not compete in Championship Play**

Fri 7pm Napanee Jr’s W –
Sunbury L –

WP – J. McDonald
LP – “Lefty” Clark

Fri 7pm North Fred Kings W –
Kingston Cowboys L –

WP – B. Brooks
LP – J. Lockeridge

Fri 9pm Enterprise Oasis Pools W –
Battersea Merchants L –

WP – L. Brown
LP – M. Paul

Fri 9pm Sydenham W –
Central Frontenac Midget Cyclones L –

WP – C. Price
LP –

Sat 9am Sunbury W –
Enterprise L –

WP – T. Hollandsworth
LP – K. Brown, D. Douttle

Sat 9am Kingston Cowboys W –
Sydenham L –

WP – R. Sharpe
LP – C. Price (left in 2nd due to injury), C.Bowes

Sat 11 am Napanee Jr’s W
North Fred Kings L

WP – J. McDonald
LP – B. Brooks

Sat 12pm Kingston Cowboys W –
Sunbury L –

WP – J. Lockeridge
LP – T. Hollandsworth

Sat 3pm Kingston Cowboys W –
North Fred Kings L –

WP – Switzer
LP – J. Thompson

Sat 5pm Kingston Cowboys W –
Napanee Jr’s L –

WP – R. Sharpe
LP – J McDonals

Kingston Cowboys are the 2009 LMFL Champions.

Ballpark Radio interviews on You Tube

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

In case you missed one, here’s all of the You Tube links to the Ballpark Radio interviews from the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions.

Ty McKinney, Ashland Stock Pack, All Tournament
Aaron Whitney, Port Elgin Blue Devils, 2009 ToC MVP
Will Lake, Waterdown Hammer
Ross Herold, Bridgeport Braves, All Tournament
Corey Jones, Lloydminster Dodgers
Jay Schnarr, Bridgeport Braves, All Tournament
Dan Martin, Elmira Expos
Mike Smith, Hoffman Rise
Brian Maas, Port Elgin Blue Devils
Scott Standerfer, Decatur Pride
Trevor Urban, Ashland Stock Pack
Luke Hopkins, Ohsweken Redmen
Francis Leclair, Donnacona Blue Sox, All Tournament
Jeff Van Hooser, Ashland Stock Pack

Waterdown Hammer on Target for GHFL Championship

Monday, September 14th, 2009

GHFL Playoff Tournament

Wednesday September 9
Arrows 8 Razorbacks 0
WP: Jeff Wilson (1-0) 4IP 11Ks 1H; relief Scott Christie 1IP 1K
LP: Darcy Smith (0-1) 4IP 8R
Arrows: Blair Setford 2-2 2 RBIs; Ryan Freedman 1-1 BB, HBP, RBI; Scott Christie 1-2 RBI
Razorbacks: Shawn King 1-2 3b

Thursday September 10
Fury 6 Dawgs 0
WP Scott Wagar (1-0) 17Ks no hitter
LP Joe Parker (0-1)
Fury: Wagar HR (1st) Grand Slam; Ray Carr 2 hits 2 RBIs; Tom Watkinson 2 hits

Target 7 Razorbacks 2
WP Gord Scott (1-0) 3IP, 0H, 0ER, 0BB, 5K; relief Mark Curtis 4IP, 3H, 2ER, 2BB, 4K
LP: Darcy Smith (0-2) 6IP, 9H, 5ER, 1BB, 1K
Target: Brian Prowse 2-4, Dave Harper 2-4, Jeff Beange 2-3
Razorbacks: Rod Alderson 2-3 HR(1st) 2RBIs, Josh 1-3

Luke’s 3 Hammer 2
WP: Tom Berube (1-0) 7IP, 2R, 6H, 12Ks
LP: Jim Hurst (0-1) 7IP, 3R, 2H, 7Ks
Lukes: Mark Hall HR (1st) 2 RBIs; Scott Tweedie GWRBI
Hammer: Will Lake 2 hits

Friday September 11
Snappers 6 RHCP 4
WP: Matt Lyons (1-0)
LP: Rich Vassos (0-1)
Snappers: Pete Dobbin HR (1st) 3 RBIs

Fury 2 Knights 0
WP: Scott Wagar (2-0)
LP: Steve Ketchell (0-1)

Saturday September 12
9:00 AM
D1 Target 0 vs Snappers 8
D2 Fury 5 vs Luke’s 1
D3 Hammer 1 vs Knights 0

11:00 AM
D1 Awards Presentation
D1 Luke’s 4 Dawgs 1
D2 Arrows 6 Target 2

1:00 PM
D1 Hammer 9 Fury 1
D2 Snappers 12 vs Razorbacks 3
D3 Dawgs 3 Knights 2

3:00 PM
D1 Luke’s 11 Knights 3
D2 Arrows 5 RHCP 2

5:00 PM
D1 Target 9 RHCP 2
D2 Hammer 5 Dawgs 1

7:00 PM
D1 Snappers 15 Arrows 10

9:00 PM
D1 RHCP 8 Razorbacks 1

Sunday September 13
9:00 am – Quarter-final
D1 Hammer 7 RHCP 1
D2 Snappers 11 Dawgs 3

11:00 am – Quarter-final
D1 Target 2 Fury 0
D2 Arrows 6 Luke’s 0

1:00 pm – Semi-final
D1 Hammer 5 Arrows 2
D2 Target 5 Snappers 4

3:00 pm – Final
D1 Hammer 4 Target 3

Congratulations to 2009 GHFL Champions Waterdown Hammer

Award winners:
MVP: Mike Bateman, Niagara Snappers
Top Pitcher: Gord Scott, Waterdown Target
Russ Dekker Defensive Player of the Year: Ryan Freedman, Mississauga Arrows
Janet Greatrix Dedication Award: Greg “Pops” McCartney, Waterdown Razorbacks
Gord Newman Playoff MVP: Doug Hoffman, Waterdown Hammer

Sebringville Sting over Wellington Sox in South Perth final

Monday, September 14th, 2009

South Perth Men’s Fastball League
Playoff Tournament – Palmerston/Harriston
Scores courtesy Mary Beth Gilbert, Wellington Sox

Game # 1
Mitchell Mets 6 KW Cubs 2
Game # 2
Kitchener Outlaws 1 Breslau Badgers 0
Game # 3
Sebringville Sting 10 Mitchell Jrs. 3
Game # 4
Hickson Reds 7 Monkton Muskrats 3
Game # 5
Shakespeare Falcons 3 Linwood Jrs. 0
Game # 6
Bridgeport Braves 5 Waterloo Jrs. 1

Winners Bracket:
Saturday 9:00am
Game# 7
Elmira Expos 7 vs. Mitchell Mets 0
Game# 8
Bridgeport Braves 5 vs. Wellington Sox 1
Saturday 11:00am
Game# 9
Kitchener Outlaws 0 vs. Sebringville Sting 2
Game# 10
Hickson Reds 0 vs. Shakespeare Falcons 3
Saturday 9:00pm
Game# 19
Sebringville Sting 8 vs. Elmira Expos 0
Game# 20
Shakespeare Falcons 5 vs. Bridgeport Braves o

Losers Bracket
Saturday 1:00 pm
Game# 11
Breslau Badgers 6 vs. Mitchell Jrs. 12
Game# 12
Monkton Muskrats 4 vs. Linwood Jrs. 3
Saturday 3:00pm
Game# 13
KW Cubs 3 vs. Wellington Sox 7
Mitchell Mets 3 vs. Waterloo Jrs. 7
Saturday 5:00pm
Game# 15
Hickson Reds 7 vs. Mitchell Jrs. 2
Game# 16
Kitchener Outlaws 4 vs. Monkton Muskrats 9
Saturday 7:00
Wellington Sox 2 vs. Hickson Reds 1
Game# 18
Monkton Muskrats 1 vs. Waterloo Jrs. 2

Sunday Scores
Game# 21
Wellington Sox 5 vs. Elmira Expos 4 (10 innings)
Game# 22
Bridgeport Braves 3 vs. Waterloo Jrs. 4
Game# 23
Sebringville Sting 5 vs. Shakespeare Falcons 2
Game# 24
Wellington Sox 7 vs. Waterloo Jrs. 6
Game# 25
Shakespeare Falcons 0 vs. Wellington Sox 7
Wellington Sox 2 vs. Sebringville Sting 1
Game# 27
Wellington Sox 1 vs. Sebringville Sting 3

Congratulations to the Sebringville Sting for becoming the South Perth Men’s Fastball League Champions for 2009.

This is the 3rd straight year for Sebringville Sting as champions.

Mary Beth Gilbert
Wellington Sox

South Perth Playoff Tourney Schedule

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Below you will find the first round of games for our Year End Tournament on Sept. 11-13 in Palmerston and Harriston.
Here we go.

Friday Night
7:00 pm
Game # 1 Mitchell Mets vs. KW Cubs in Palmerston D#1 (Front)
Game # 5 Shakespeare Falcons vs. Linwood Jrs. in Palmerston D#2 (Back)
Game # 6 Waterloo Jrs. vs. Bridgeport Braves in Harriston D#3

9:00 pm
Game # 4 Hickson Reds vs. Monkton Muskrats in Palmerston D#1 (Front)
Game # 3 Sebringville Sting vs. Mitchell Jrs. in Palmerston D#2 (Back)
Game # 2 Kitchener Outlaws vs. Breslau Badgers in Harriston D# 3

9:00 am
Game # 7 Elmira Expos vs. Winner of Game #1 in Palmerston D#1 (Front)
Game # 8 Wellington Sox vs. Winner of Game # 6 in Palmerston D#2 (Back)

The Master Schedule will be posted at the Palmerston Ball Park.

Final Standings for the 2009 Season:
1) Elmira Expos 38 pts.
2) WellingtonSox 34 pts
3) Hickson Reds 34 pts
4) Sebringville Sting 32 pts
5) Kitchener Outlaws 28 pts
6) Shakespeare Falcons 26 pts
7) Waterloo Jrs. 24 pts
8) Mitchell Mets 22 pts
9) KW Cubs 20 pts
10) Bridgeport Braves 20 pts
11) Linwood Jrs. 16 pts
12) Breslau Badgers 14 pts
13) Mitchell Jrs. 12 pts
14) Monkton Muskrats 8 pts
15) Tavistock Jrs. 2 pts.

Good Luck to everyone at the Year End Tournament

GHFL Playoff Tourney Schedule

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

GHFL Playoff Tournament – UPDATED

Wednesday September 9
8:30 pm Arrows 8 vs Razorbacks 0

Thursday September 10
8:00 pm Fury 6 vs Dawgs 0

7:00 pm Target 7 vs Razorbacks 2
9:00 pm Hammer 2 vs Luke’s 3

Friday September 11
6:30 pm Snappers vs RHCP
8:30 pm Fury vs Knights

Saturday September 12
9:00 AM
D1 Target vs Snappers
D2 Fury vs Luke’s
D3 Hammer vs Knights

11:00 AM
D1 Awards Presentation
D1 Luke’s vs Dawgs
D2 Target vs Arrows

1:00 PM
D1 Hammer vs Fury
D2 Snappers vs Razorbacks
D3 Knights vs Dawgs

3:00 PM
D1 Luke’s vs Knights
D2 Arrows vs RHCP

5:00 PM
D1 Target vs RHCP
D2 Hammer vs Dawgs

7:00 PM
D1 Snappers vs Arrows

9:00 PM
D1 RHCP vs Razorbacks

Sunday September 13
9:00 am
D1 Gm 1 Pool A 1st vs Pool B 4th
D2 Gm 2 Pool B 1st vs Pool A 4th

11:00 am
D1 Gm 3 Pool A 2nd vs Pool B 3rd
D2 Gm 4 Pool B 2nd vs Pool A3rd

1:00 pm
D1 Gm 5 Winner Gm 1 vs Winner Gm 4
D2 Gm 6 Winner Gm 2 vs Winner Gm 3

3:00 pm
D1 Winner Gm 5 vs Winner Gm 6

Canada Maccabi team honoured at Jays game

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The Canada Maccabi Fastball team, which recently won the gold medal at the 18th Maccabiah Games in Israel, was honoured prior to the Sept 8 Toronto Blue Jays game against the Minnesota Twins.

Twins Canadian all-star Justin Morneau posed with the team and friends for photos – click here to see a group shot.

The team was primarily comprised of members of the North York Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Fastball League, along with Ryan Freedman, Tom Berube and others.

Elkland Results

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

WC Electric at ElklandShare (from Ivan Taylor’s Facebook)

West Carleton Electric went 2 and 2 at Elkland to finish tied for 7th of 17 teams.

Game 1: Reading, PA Rise Fastpitch 7 West Carleton Electric 0

Bud Hanlon took the loss with relief from Stittsville pick up Darren Featherstone as WC Electric struggled offensively. Mike Smith was the winning pitcher for the eventual 3rd place finishers allowing only three hits.

Game 2: West Carleton Electric 10 Williamsport, PA Beverage Barn 9

The Electric at one point had a 8-2 lead and seemed to be in control, but the scrappy Williamsport team came back to tie the game 8-8 in the top of the sixth. The Electric scored two in the bottom of the sixth and held the Bevies to one in the bottom of the final inningf or the one run win. Matt Greer had a home run in this one for WC. Jeff Cavanagh made a game saving diving catch in right field to preserve the win in the seventh inning. Bud Hanlon had the win on the slab in this game, in relief of 16-year-old rookie Andy Barber.

Game 3: West Carleton Electric 5 Allentown, PA First Kings 4

WC spotted their opponents four runs in the first inning with some defensive miscues, but came back to win the game. Darren Featherstone had the complete game win for the Electric. Key hits came from Neil Murphy and Joe McCleary.

Game 4: Elkland, PA Thunderbellys 5 West Carleton Electric 2 (8 innings)

The win in the third game set up an exciting Sunday night showdown in the main stadium between the Electric and the hometown Elkland team.

In front of a vocal crowd guesstimated at about 500, Bud Hanlon (known to Elkland locals as “the Gorilla”) pitched very well with a two hitter over the regulation seven innings until giving up two hits and a walk which accounted for three runs in the top of the eighth. Jeff Van Hooser, a pick up from Ashland Stockpack started the game for Elkland, giving way to Paul Algar, a former New Zealand national team pitcher, who was the eventual winner.

The Electric scored two runs in the third inning on an Adam Brown RBI single and a passed ball which scored Andy Barber, chasing Van Hooser from the game. In the next inning, with Paul Algar chucking, Jeremy Cook had an incredible catch in right field for Elkland, stealing a triple from Joe McCleary that would have scored Matt Greer from second.

Elkland overcame the 2 run deficit by making their two hits in regulation count – a Dave Butler solo home run, followed two innings later by a Bob Kizer RBI single that scored Butler who had reached on WC’s only error of the game.

The Bellys’ scored three in the eighth. The pinch runner they sent to second base for the international rule was a 62 year old dude that was faster than the Bellys’ catcher. The old dude advanced to third on a passed ball. Big Bud struck out the first two batters of the inning. Then Billy Sherman, whose dad had died earlier in the day, came to the plate with a pinch hit opportunity. Sherman worked a full count and walked to put runners on the corners. Then Cook re-entered the game to run for Sherman. The next hitter, Jamie Miller slapped the ball off hand deep between second and third, and with the only possibly play at first, the speedy Miller beat the throw and was safe as the old dude scored. Ryan Morgan then doubled to score two more runs and push the lead to 5-2. A Tom Dexter single threatened to put the game further out of reach, but Hanlon was able to get the final out of the inning putting WC at bat.

The Electric had Trevor Barton at second to start the inning. Darren Featherstone led off at the plate against Paul Algar and ripped a line drive down third base, that had triple written all over it – but it was caught by Tom Dexter and thrown over to second to double off Barton. Matt Greer then doubled to give WC some life. The next batter, Jeff Cavanagh drove a hard liner to centre, but it was caught to end the game.

Maddy’s Photos of the Quad Cities

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

The Quad Cities, through the eyes of Maddy. Click banner above to view gallery.

Editor’s Note: After perusing Maddy’s shots, I have to say congratulations on finding so many wonderful details that make the town interesting!!

Items like Grumpy’s Saloon, memorial stones, streetlamps, statues – all of this is detail that I missed in the hustle and bustle of getting from hotel to park to meeting to ball game.

It’s phenomenal that Maddy is about to find the time to photograph this extra flavour and add to everyone’s memory collection, particularly when you consider the pure volume of shots taken at the ToC.

Well done!