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Editor’s Note re: Al’s Fastball Archives

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

As a member of Al Doran’s Mailing List and daily reader of his Escribe archive, I was sorry to hear of the continuing problem in trying to restore service. [See Note from Al in story below] Al did a remarkable job at the ISC Word tournament, getting scores, boxes, play-by-play and more posted promptly to the ISC website, However, I think we all missed our daily dose from Al in the old familiar Escribe format for the mailing list archive. It was especially unfortunate that the crash took place during the ISC World Tournament. has provided a temporary home for Al’s archives, and will continue to do so as long as necessary. We ask only that you bear with the fact that our archive page is a bit less user friendly than the old Escribe page. As Al noted:

“For now we are not calling it the TEMP site, its our only site at the moment.”

The biggest complaint about the archive page that we are hosting is that the newest items are at the bottom instead of the top of the page, requiring readers to scroll to the bottom to see the latest news. I have the same complaint myself. Unfortunately, the software that we use at present to generate the archive page for Al’s does not permit me to change that format. (Control-End keys together will take you quickly to the bottom of the page on most browsers)

While Al looks at his options, we are researching software that would archive the emails in a format similar to Escribe. In the meantime, we have shortend the URL to eliminate the “.htm” at the end, to simplify things, to just:

Please pass this web address/URL along to your friends so they can find Al’s Archive. You can bookmark it by clicking the link and then Control D.

Jim Flanagan
Co-editor, “The Deuce” Blog

Message from Al Doran re: Al’s Fastball Archives

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

We pass along the following note from Al Doran regarding the recent problems the Escribe site that had been hosting his mailing list:

eScribe is down and maybe out, maybe for good.

eScribe went down over a week ago, just as the ISC’s were getting underway. This is not the first time they have crashed and been down for more than a few hours. In June 2004 they went down and were down for weeks while the owner bought and set up all new servers.

eScribe is privately owned, my company has nothing to do with it. Al’s Fastball is just one of hundreds of list servers that make use of the services provided by eScribe. This service has always been free.

Last year in June we learned that the owner, Scott Paterson, was working with a couple of unpaid volunteers to keep eScribe going. He had to buy expensive computer equipment to replace the servers that had worn out and died.

This week we learned that they major technical problems and the prognosis is not good.

See Scott’s note to me today:


Dead power supply and lack of financial support and non-paid volunteers. Going to try to fix it myself as soon as I have time, but really, with no end-user financial support, it’s most likely done for.

This does not sound good.

Website for Reichert Memorial ISC II Ontario Challenge Cup

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Hillsburgh, ON

To All teams and Fans attending the 2005 Laverne Reichert Memorial ISC II Ontario Challenge Cup in Hillsburgh this weekend.

A previous announcement listed an incorrect tournament web site. The following web site contains the latest information concerning the
tournament, including a downloadable draw, hotel information, etc.

Click here for the correct link to the tournament website.


Terry Bennett
Hillsburgh Minor Softball Association

Glencoe Astros Newest Team Website Link at “The Deuce”

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

The Glencoe Astros are the newest addition to the list of Team Website links at “The Deuce” blog. Click here to visit their site, or use the new link under “Team Websites” in the right hand margin of this page.

Does your ISC II team have a website or webpage, but not listed here at “The Deuce”? Send us the link via email to jim@fastpitchwest.comand we’ll add you to the list.

Join the Email Mailing List, “The Deuce” for ISC II Info

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

The Deuce blog has added an email mailing list for players and fans of the ISC II. We’ll send announcements about things like the broadcast archives for 2005, the upcoming 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Kitchener, and updates of note that are posted on our blog. It’s designed for players and fans alike. We’ll still be posting the majority of items to this blog, with the email list reserved for announcements of a more special nature, giving members of the mailing list the inside scoop on things.

Click here to join The Deuce mailing list. (it’s automated so you can do it yourself).

Click here to visit the mailing list archives.

You’ll find both of the above links in our links section in the right hand margin for easy access in the future.

The volume of email is heaviest during the ISC II Tournament of Champions every August, and lighter during the rest of the year.

You may unsubscribe or turn it off or on whenever you like, and we protect your privacy. Your email address will not be shared.

Order of Finish for 2005 ISC II Tournament of Champions

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Finish Team Record Time & Date of Elimination
1 Elmira, ON Cubs 8-0
2 Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils 7-1 4:00 PM 8-19-05
3 Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder 5-2 1:07 PM 8-19-05
4 Alvinston, ON Indians 6-1 1:05 PM 8-19-05
5 Niagara, ON Snappers 4-2 10:56 AM 8-19-05
6 Hermann, MO Black Gold 4-3 10:00 AM 8-19-05
7 Tavistock, ON Smully’s Merchants 5-1 9:45 AM 8-19-05
8 Harriston, ON Mercury’s 5-1 9:30 AM 8-19-05
9 Ashland, OH Merchants 3-3 9:03 AM 8-19-05
10 Mankato, MN Fisher Group 2-4 5:00 PM 8-18-05
11 Bridgeport, ON Braves 4-2 3:53 PM 8-18-05
12 Oswego, NY McKie’s Sports 3-3 2:55 PM 8-18-05
13 Reasnor, IA RPMs 3-3 1:38 PM 8-18-05
14 Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks 3-3 12:54 PM 8-18-05
15 Kenosha, WI Earl’s Club 4-1 11:04 AM 8-18-05
16 Memphis, TN Posse 4-2 10:46 AM 8-18-05
17 St. Paul, MN ASB Villard 2-3 11:18 PM 8-17-05
18 Yakima, WA JRW & Associates 2-3 10:27 PM 8-17-05
19 Denver, CO Colorado Rage 2-3 9:41 PM 8-17-05
20 St. Paul, MN Vannelli’s/Rice Street 2-3 9:18 PM 8-17-05
21 Wichita, KS Athletic Club 2-3 9:10 PM 8-17-05
22 Chippewa Falls, WI Sawdust City 2-3 8:21 PM 8-17-05
23 Palermo, ON Athletics 3-2 7:15 PM 8-17-05
24 Cobourg, ON Stingers 2-3 7:02 PM 8-17-05
25 Athens, WI Rep & Bajas 2-2
26 Sioux Falls, SD Sox 4-0 – withdrew
27 Perkasie, PA KMV Rise 1-3
28 Gladstone, MB Whips 1-3
29 Cowessess, SK Royals 1-3
30 Appleton, WI The Bar of Appleton 1-3
31 Regina, SK Century 21 Angels 1-3
32 Galesville, WI Wilber Lime 1-3
33 Rice Lake, WI Orangemen 1-3
34 Elburn, IL Richwrap Fastpitch 1-3
35 Galena, IL Keg & Cask Liquor Store 0-4
36 Denmark, WI Pioneer Metal Finishers 0-4
37 Lloydminster, AB PWM Steel Scope Dodgers 0-4
38 Dubuque, IA Hammerheads 0-4

Ten More ISC II Broadcasts Added to Archives at Ballparkradio

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Ten (10) more broadcasts from the 2005 ISC II Tournament of Champions have been added to the archives at at

To listen, click here to go to Ballparkradio, then click the large letter “A” above the words “Click Here for Game Archives”.

Be patient while it loads as it take a little longer the first time around.

We will be posting all of the broadcasts shortly, so check back later if your game is not yet posted. (The 2004 championship game is available as well)

To those who have asked, we will be making CD’s available for purchase in the coming months.

Greater Ottawa & Upper Valley Ottawa Fastball League Playoffs

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

GOFL and the UOVMFL League Champions to meet in first ever best-of-three “regional” championship

Ottawa, ON

With Ottawa Team Easton Thunder returning from their successful 3rd place finish of 38 teams a the Tournament of Champions in Wisconsin, the Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoffs are now set to start. The Ottawa ISC II team is comprised of members of both the Kanata Team Easton and Stittsville 56ers, so the playoffs were on hold until the team’s return.

The semi-final series are best-of-five, with the winners to meet in a best-of-five final.


2005 Laverne Reichert Memorial ISC II Ontario Challenge Cup

Sunday, August 21st, 2005

Here is the schedule for the first round games of the 2005 Laverne Reichert Memorial ISC II Ontario Challenge Cup to be held in Hillsburgh, Ontario (with a big assist from Rockwood.)

Game 1 Owen Sound Crunch vs Jarvis Rock 9:00 pm at Rockwood (Rockmosa)
Game 2 Hamilton Hawks vs Breslau Majors 7:00 pm at Rockwood (Lloyd Dyer)
Game 3 Mitchell Mets vs Kingston Cowboys 9:00 pm at Hillsburgh (Victoria Park)
Game 4 Toronto Champion Indians vs Minesing Monarchs 9:00 pm at Hillsburgh (Barbour Field)
Game 5 Orangeville Resolve Kings vs Elora Rage 7:00 pm at Hillsburgh (Victoria Park)
Game 6 Blenheim HomeRun vs Salford Storm 9:00 pm at Rockwood (Lloyd Dyer)
Game 7 Hillsburgh Stallions vs Kitchener Phoenix Outlaws 7:00 pm at Hillsburgh (Barbour Field)
Game 8 Niagara Snappers vs Rockwood 7:00 pm at Rockwood (Rockmosa)


ISC II Championship Game Broadcast Available at Ballparkradio

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

The archive copy of the broadcast of the 2005 ISC II Championship game has been posted to the archives at

To listen, click here to go to Ballparkradio, then click the large letter “A” above the words “Click Here for Game Archives”.

Be patient while it loads as it take a little longer the first time around.

We will be posting all of the broadcasts shortly, so check back later if your game is not yet posted.
(The 2004 championship game and others from 2004 are available as well)

2005 ISC World Championship Semi-Finals and Finals to be Streamed in Live Video

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

From Dave Blackburn, 8/19:

The ISC will be webcasting live video of the 2005 World Tournament Semi- Finals, and the Championship game. Those games will take place on Saturday August 20th at Noon, 2:00 PM, for the two semi-finals, and at 4:30 PM CST for the ISC World Championship Game.

Men’s fastpitch softball fans with a broadband Internet connection can watch the ball games in streaming video, on their computers. Just go to the ISC Home Page www.iscfastpitch. com and click the listen live streaming audio button at the bottom of the page. You can also click on
and click on the ISC Logo.

To full screen the video image, right click on the image and select the full screen option.

Editor’s note: Even if you don’t have high speed connection to watch the video webcast, you can still listen to the game via audio. (it’s the same link to get either, but for audio, just click the second link for audio)


2005 ISC II All World Team, Individual Award Winners

Saturday, August 20th, 2005

Elmira’s Casey Halstead Top Pitcher and MVP

3rd place – Alvinston, ON Indians
3rd place – Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder
2nd place – Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils
2005 ToC winner – Elmira, ON Cubs

Most RBI – Ryan Dudgeon – Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils
Outstanding pitcher – Casey Halstead – Elmira, ON Cubs
Leading hitter – Jeff Killian – Galesville, WI Wilber Lime
MVP – Casey Halstead – Elmira, ON Cubs

2005 ISC II Tournament of Champions All World Team