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Eastern Canada Qualifiers for Western Ontario & Eastern Ontario + Quebec & Atlantic Canada

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

The ISC II Qualifier for western Ontario will be held June 16-18 in Innerkip. The same weekend, Fitzroy Harbour will host the ISC II Qualifier for eastern Ontario with teams also welcome from Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Each of these events will qualify a team for an automatic spot in the ISC II Tournament of Champions.

The format for both the Innerkip and the Fitzroy Harbour qualifiers will be double elimination.

Entry fee for either event is $300 with a check payable to ISC II Ontario Qualifier.

Teams MUST identify whether they plan to play in either Innerkip or Fitzroy Harbour. Player rosters for either event must be submitted by June 7th.

Entries and fees for these two events should be sent to:

Entries and fees should be sent to:
Bob McGowan
ISC Area Commissioner for Eastern Canada,
R.R. #1
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 2Y8
e-mail: jbob99(at)

Utah Area Qualifier

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Area Commissioner Don Young has announced the details for the tournament which will qualify teams from the Utah area for both the ISC World Tournament and for the ISC II Tournament of Champions.

The competition will be held on May 27 and 28 at the Cottonwood Softball Complex in Salt Lake City.

The tournament will be held as the Alpine tournament and will be sponsored by the Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation Department.

The format will be round robin pool play which will lead to a single elimination playoff.

Entry fee is $300.

For more information or to enter the tournament, contact either:

Richard Poulsen: rpoulsen(at)
Don Young: ut84118(at)

ISC Reminds Teams About OOA Deadlines

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

The International Softball Congress is reminding all teams of the upcoming May 1 deadline for submitting Out of Area forms (Letter of Intent) and fees which MUST by postmarked to the ISC not later than May 1.

The Out of Area rules, forms, area definitions and team recap form are all available on the ISC website on the Rules & Forms page.

Any player who resides outside the area boundaries of the area in which his team is based must submit the proper Out of Area form and fee. The rule applies to all teams planning to play ISC competition in 2006. ISC competition includes official ISC Travel Leagues as well as qualifying Area Tournaments and includes both the ISC World Tournament and the ISC II Tournament of Champions.