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Once thriving sport of fastpitch softball now thing of past at Prescott Field

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Editor’s Note: The following comes from the Lebanon Daily News in Pennsylvania and is, sadly, a sign of the times.

Daily News Sportswriter
Lebanon Daily News
Updated: 05/25/2009 11:08:46 PM EDT

This summer, the benches and bleachers at Prescott Field will be void of fastpitch softball players and fans. (Gordon Oliver / Lebanon Daily News)

PRESCOTT — It wasn’t all that many years ago when it would have been unthinkable. Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, had arrived, and Prescott Field was dormant.

Once, not that long ago, Prescott Field was one of the most-used facilities in Lebanon County.

Prescott Field is still used, but not to the extent that it used to be. Men’s fastpitch softball, the sport that once dominated Lebanon County’s summers, has effectively ceased to exist. The last holdout, South Lebanon TNT, disbanded shortly after last year’s ISC II tournament in Wisconsin.

The decision to disband the team was made by Irv Lutz, the team’s general manager and the man who had been fighting against the odds for the better part of a decade to keep fastpitch going. Some serious health concerns, and a handful of other factors, led to the decision.

“I always thought I couldn’t live without softball,” Lutz said, “but when I ended up getting ill and finding out that my health was important, I thought it would be a tough thing this year not having a team, but I’m living with it.” (more…)

Rambler Park Skins Qualifier in Regina, SK

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Editor’s Note: Ten teams will be a part of the Rambler Park Skins ISC II Qualifier in Regina May 29-31. Among the entries are #19 Lloydminster, AB Dodgers, #29 Bulyea, SK Rustlers and #38 Regina, SK Supreme Auto Body (who won the 2008 Western Canadians). Two berths to the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions are on the line.

6:30 PM D1
Regina Gold
Standing Buffalo Dakotas

6:30 PM D2
KMC Diamondbacks
Supreme Auto Body

8:30 PM D1
Bulyea Rustlers
Silverscreen Sportswear

10:00 AM D1
Regina Gold
Supreme Auto Body

10:00 AM D2
KMC Diamondbacks
Gordon’s Hawks

12:00 PM D1
Delisle Diamond Dogs
Bulyea Rustlers

12:00 PM D2
Silverscreen Sportswear
Bruno Merchants

2:00 PM D1
Standing Buffalo Dakotas
Lloydminster Dodgers

4:00 PM D1
Bulyea Rustlers
Gordon’s Hawks

4:00 PM D2
Delisle Diamond Dogs
Silverscreen Sportswear

6:30 PM D1
Regina Gold
Lloydminster Dodgers

6:30 PM D2
Supreme Auto Body
Bruno Merchants

8:30 PM D1
Standing Buffalo Dakotas
KMC Diamondbacks

10:00 AM D1
Gordon’s Hawks
Bruno Merchants

10:00 AM D2
Lloydminster Dodgers
Delisle Diamond Dogs

12:00 PM D1
1st –
4th –

12:00 PM D2
2nd –
3rd –

2:30 PM D1
Winner (M1) –
Winner (M2) –

Rude Pac members lead Cali team to title in Oregon

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Editor’s Note: Several members of ISC II #6 Rude Pac helped lead the Cal State Builders to an undefeated run through the Boatnik tournament this past weekend in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Rude Pac made their ISC II debut in 2008 and impressed many with their top 10 finish. They’re back in 2009 with an upgraded lineup and will be a threat to be in the final game on Saturday afternoon in Rock Island. From our brother blog, The Morning Brief

Cal State Builders Capture Boatnik Title at Grant’s Pass, Oregon

The Cal State Builders captured the 2009 Boatnik Tournament title at Grants Pass, Oregon on Monday after, capping their unbeaten run a 7-0 shutout win over Brotherton, Oregon. Gerald Pyle was the winning pitcher, tossing a one-hitter, while Javier Fierro, Dean Waltier and Dave Carlton all homered for the champs. Chris Paiva was 3-for-3 in the final, with 2 RBI.

Recap and Photo of the champions here:

If your first question was “Who are the Cal State Builders?”, I’m right with you. The answer is that they are team organized for this one tournament. The squad combines players from both Northern and Southern California. They were led by pitchers Matt Barnes, Gerald Pyle, and Ron Rupp, who all play in the SCIFL. Barnes had a hand in two no hitters on the weekend, one of them a perfect game. Dean Waltier and Javier Fierro had big weekends at the plate in Oregon to lead the offense.

The roster for the champions (players in italics are on the Rude Pac roster):

Matt Barnes P
Gerald Pyle P

Ron Rupp IF/P
Javier Fierro ss
Chris Paiva inf
Jason Gluckman C
Dan Winnick OF
Dean Waltier UTL
Ricky Moore UTL
John Abbott INF
Jeff Reich OF
Dave Carlton INF

A tip of the cap to the big man, Gerald Pyle for his coverage of the tournament all weekend long, and for the photos.

Earlier reports from the tournament (in reverse chron order)

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#7 Hoffman Rise finish T3 in Elkland

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Courtesy Al’s Fastball

3rd Annual Molly Sherman memorial

The NY Bombers of Cortland, NY repeated as champions at the 3rd annual Molly Sherman memorial held in Elkland, PA with a record of 4 and 1. They defeated the Ricola Cough Drops of Morris Plains, NJ for the 2nd year in a row; this was Ricola’s 3rd trip to the championship game in 3 years. We had great weather and great teams that equaled out to great ball games. Here are the game by game results.

Saturday pool play game results

GM 1
ESA 3 Beverage Barn 0
WP- Brad Porter 17 Ks
LP-Denny Reed

GM 2
Busters 8 NY Bombers 7
WP-Bill Kaslavick
LP-Chuck Smith
Save- Jeff Tombs

GM 3
Knoxville/Ontario 4 ESA 0
WP- Craig Hollinsworth
LP- Bill Sherman
Scott Bebe 2-3 2 RBIs

GM 4
Ricola 13 Ormrod 2
WP- Paul Furlong
LP-Rick Skladowski

GM 5
Rise 12 Beverage Barn 0
WP- Darrin Strange
LP- Trevor Hall
Strang faced 9 batters and struck out 9 for a perfect 3 inning mercy rule game

GM 6
Ricola 10 Busters 3
WP- Barry Vanhooser
LP- Jeff Tombs
Fred Kent went 3 for 4 with # RBIs for Ricola

GM 7
Knoxville/Ontario 7 Beverage Barn 0
WP- Craig Hollinsworth
LP- Frank Phillips

GM 8
Bombers 7 Ormrod 3
WP- Sean Sampson
LP- Carl Crankord

Game 9
Rise 12 ESA 0
WP- Mike Smith
LP- Brad Porter
Matt Daley went 2 for 2 with 1 HR

Game 10
Bombers 6 Ricola 4
WP- Shawn Sampson
LP- Paul Furlong
Jeff Carr went 3 for 4 with a walk off 3 run home run to win it in the bottom of the 8th

GM 11
Ormrod 2 Busters 1
WP-Jeff Hess
LP- Bill Kaslovick
Jeff Hess had 11 Ks and scored the game winning run in the bottom of the 9th

GM 12
Rise 8 Knoxville/Ontario 0
WP-Darrin Strang
LP- Craig Hollinsworth
Zack Fullman went 3 for 3 with 3 RBIs

Sunday single elimination games
GM 13 Ricola 5 ESA 3
WP- Paul Furlong
LP- Bill Sherman
Mike Rapicioli went 3 for 4 with 2 runs scored

Knoxville/Ontario 11 Ormrod 5
WP-Craig Hollinsworth
LP- Rick Skladowski
Kip Adams went 3 for 4 and drove in 2 runs in the top of the 8th

GM 15
Ricola 3 Rise 2
WP- Barry Vanhooser
LP- Mike Smith
Mike Rapicioli went 4 for 4 with 2 RBIs and Brett Delcastro had 4 assists and 3 put outs at short stop

GM 16
Bombers 12 Knoxville/Ontario 5
WP-Sean Sampson
LP-Craig Hollinsworth

Championship Game
Bombers 11 Ricola 2
WP- Sean Sampson
LP- Paul Furlong
Bruce Hackett went 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs

Bill Sherman

#41 Halifax, NS Blackburn Transport qualifies for 2009 ToC

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Halifax Blackburn Transport qualified for the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions this weekend, finishing 2nd at the Capital City Shootout.

Halifax, who won the 2008 Eastern Canadian Intermediate “A” Championship, finished 5-1 on the weekend.

W 7-0 over Whycocomagh

W 10-3 over Stewiacke River Rats

W 13-4 over Nova Scotia U19

W 10-3 over Halifax Bud Light

W 12-5 over Halifax Outlaws

L 4-3 to Eskasoni

St. Clements Tournament Scores

Monday, May 25th, 2009

#5 Kitchener Outlaws won the annual St. Clements tournament, defeating #10 Elmira Expos in the undefeated game and again in the championship final.

Scores courtesy Bob Hall, Kitchener Outlaws

Preliminary round
Game 1 #5 Kitchener Outlaws 8 , Rockwood Dean Meyer Wood 1
Game 2 Mississauga Angels 3 , #40 Mitchell Mets 0
Game 3 #26 Shakespeare Falcons 4 , Mitchell Chiefs 0
Game 4 #13 Wellington Sox 5 , Linwood Jrs. 0
Game 5 #10 Erb Electric Expos 8, Waterloo Hallman Jr. Twins 4
Game 6 Oshawa Double B’s 10, Morpeth Magic 6
Game 7 #11 Port Elgin Blue Devils 4, Fisherville A’s 0
Game 8 #31 Alvinstin Indians 4, Napanee Express 0
Game 9 Kitchener Outlaws 3, Mississauga A’s 0
Game 10 Wellington Sox 7, Shakespeare Falcons 6
Game 11 Erb Electric Expos 7, Oshawa Double B’s 2
Game 12 Alvinston Indians 5, Port Elgin Blue Devils 4
Game 13 Mitchell Mets 5, Rockwood Dean Meyer Wood 3
Game 14 Linwood Jrs. 9, Mitchell Chiefs 2
Game 15 Waterloo Hallman Jr. Twins 11, Morpeth Magic 5
Game 16 Napanee Express 5, Fisherville A’s 4
End of Preliminary Round
Sunday May 24
* A * Division Double Knockout
Game 21 Kitchener Outlaws 7, Wellington Sox 2
Game 22 Erb Electric Expos 4, Alvinston Indians 1
Game 23 Alvinston Indians 5, Wellington Sox 3
Game 25 Kitchener Outlaws 8, Erb Electric Expos 3
Game 26 Erb Electric Expos 9, Alvinston Indians 7
Game 32 and Tournament Winner Kitchener Outlaws 6, Erb Electric Outlaws 4
* B * Division Single Knockout
Game 17 Mississauga A’s 11, Linwood Jrs. 0
Game 18 Mitchell Mets 3, Shakespeare Falcons 1
Game 19 Oshawa Double B’s 5, Napanee Express 2
Game 20 Waterloo Hallman Jr. Twins 10, Port Elgin Blue Devils 6
Game 28 Mississauga A’s 4, Mitchell Mets 3
Game 29 Waterloo Hallman Jr. Twins 5, Oshawa Double B’s 1
Game 31 and * B * Division Winner Waterloo Hallman Jr. Twins 9, Mississauga A, 0
* C * Division Single Knockout
Game 24 Rockwood Dean Meyer Wood 6, Mitchell Chiefs 3
Game 27 Morpeth Magic 1, Fisherville A’s 0
Game 30 and * C * Division Winner Morpeth Magic 7, Rockwood Dean Meyer Wood 1

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend
Bob Hall and The Kitchener Outlaws

#31 Alvinston Indians finish third in St. Clements

Monday, May 25th, 2009

ISC II #31 Alvinston Indians finished 3-2, good for third at the annual St. Clements tournament.

PA Power & NY Adco win ToC berths in Linden, NJ

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Day 1 Results for Linden , NJ Metro Fastpitch Invitational
Scores courtesy Gregg Leather

Saturday May 23
ISC #13 Gremlins 2 #3 CPI 0
WP- Newton LP- Murphy, Winship 6th

#27 Adco 13 NJSports Club 1
WP- Pleszwicz LP- Lawrence

#35 Pa. Power 7 Adco 1 ***
WP- Rutt LP- Jones

Gremlins 10 NJ Sport 2
WP – Hillhouse LP- Neff

Gremlins 9 Pa. Power 1
WP- Tracy LP- Rutt, Fogel 2nd

CPI 9 NJ Sport 1
WP – Walseman LP- Marco

Adco 5 CPI 3 ***
WP – Pleszwicz LP- Smith

Pa. Power 2 CPI 1 ***
WP – High LP- Winship

Gremlins 7 Adco 0
WP – Newton LP- Torres

Pa. Power 11 NJ Sport 0
WP – ? LP- ?

Final Round Robin Standings
NYGremlins – 4-0
Pa Power – 3-1
Adco Electric – 2-2
CPI – 1-3
NJ Sports Club – 0-4

*** These games decide ISC II berths – Pa. Power & Adco Electric win ISC II Berths

Sunday May 24
Pa Power 5 Adco Electric 2
WP- High LP- Jones
Pa Power trailed 2-1 going to the bottom of the 7th. Power tied the game and Derrick Zechman hit a 3 run walk off HR to end it.

NY Gremlins 8 CPI 0
WP- Newton LP- Winship, Smith 2nd, Murphy 4th
Gremlins John Rozich had 2 HR’s

NY Gremlins 8 Pa Power 1
WP-Hillhouse LP-Rutt
HR- Houtz Pa Power

Gregg Leather

Twisters Shootout Scores

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

UPDATED Courtesy Al’s Fastpitch

Friday May 22
Gillies 9 UTD 6
Buzz 9 Allstate 4
BCCI 2 Tiffanys 11
Twisters 10 Moose Lodge 1

Duncan Outlaws 3 HBC Lightning 1
Ashland Mets 4 Hastings Blues 3
Explorers 9 Goshen 10

Saturday May 23
(C) Jack Daniels 9 Moose Lodge 1
(D) Capitals 2 UTD 9
(E) Buzz 0 Marquette Fence 13
(F) Jack-N-Does 0 Tiffanys 5

(D) Twisters 11 Goshen 1
(E) Mets 7 Gillies 0
(F) HBC 6 BCCI 7

(C) Duncan 5 Tiffanys 4
(D) Stockpack 9 Buzz 0
(E) Explorers 4 Jack Daniels 9
(F) Capitals 0 Blues 2

(D) Goshen 8 Moose 3
(E) Mets 7 UTD 6
(F) Jack-N-Does 1 HBC 11

(C) Twisters 2 Explorers 9
(D) Blues 8 Gillies 0
(E) Outlaws 7 BCCI 4
(F) Stockpack 9 Allstate 4

(C) Twisters 1 Jack Daniels 4
(D) HBC 5 Tiffanys 0
(F) Mets 9 Capitals 0

(C) Jack-N-Does 10 BCCI 11
(D) Capitals 5 Gillies 8
(E) Jack Daniels 9 Goshen 14
(F) Fence 2 Allstate 9


(C) B1 Goshen vs. R2 Blues (Game 41) Blues 7-0
(D) O1 HBC vs. G2 Allstate (Game 42) HBC 20-1
(E) G1 Stockpack vs. O2 Outlaws (Game 43) Stockpack 4-1
(F) R1 Mets vs. B2 Jack Daniels (Game 44) Mets 9-4

(C) Winners of games 42 HBC and 44 Mets (Game 45) HBC 1-0
(D) Winners of games 41 Blues and 43 Stockpack (Game 46) Stockpack 9-2

Championship Game
(W) G45 HBC vs. (W) G46 Stockpack
The Lightning defeated Stockpack 6-5 to win the tournament.

#4 Palermo Athletics in Canada East Travel League action

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Palermo Athletics @ Owen Sound Senior Selects Games 1 & 2 May 23/09
Courtesy Al’s Fastball

Palermo Athletics went 2-2-2 in Owen Sound on the weekend, tying 2 and losing 2 to ISC #15 Owen Sound Selects and sweeping a pair from the Owen Sound Juniors.

19th Annual Best of The West

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Record 15 Team Schedule Announced

May 23, 2009 (Santa Barbara, California) – The 19th Annual Best of the West Men’s fastball Tournament will be held May 30 – 31 in Santa Barbara, CA. TheTournament is the longest running open tournament, held annually in California. A Tournamentrecord field of Fifteen teams will vie for the 2009 Championship, with two berths in the 2009 ISC World Tournament, and two berths in the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions at stake. (more…)

2009 ISC II Qualifiers

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

UPDATED May 23, 2009

Editor’s Note: The ISC has updated the initial list of ISC and ISC II qualifiers for 2009. In this edition, updates from Canada East and US Central. Below is an edited version showing what we believe are ISC II qualifiers. For the complete list, see our brother blog the Morning Brief. In the past, an ISC II team playing in an ISC-only qualifier would become eligible to receive an invite to the ToC if one becomes available. For the list of teams already qualified for the 2009 ToC, click here.