Pete’s Blues win Illinois State Tournament

Mascoutah, IL Pete’s Blues won the Illinois State ASA Open Tournament on the weekend, coming the long way through the loser’s bracket to finish with a 7-1 record.

Pete’s knocked off perennial state champs Vandalia The Freight in the loser’s bracket final and then twice defeated Cerro Gordo Broncos to claim the title.

Friday, July 25
Game 2- Pete’s Blues 14, Rumours Fastpitch 6

Saturday, July 26
Game 4- Broncos Fastpitch (Cerro Gordo) 3, Pete’s Blues 1
Game 6- Pete’s Blues 12, Franny¹s 7
Game 8- Pete’s Blues 7, Rumours 3

Sunday, July 27
Game 10- Pete’s Blues 4, Lee¹s Sports Falcons 3
Game 11- Pete’s Blues 3, Guaranteed Air Freight 1
Game 12- Pete’s Blues 6, Cerro Gordo 5
Game 13- Pete’s Blues 10, Cerro Gordo 4

Final Order of Finish
1. Pete’s Blues, 7-1
2. Cerro Gordo, 2-2
3. Guaranteed Air Freight, 1-2
4. Lee’s Sports Falcons, 3-2
5. Franny’s & Rumours, 0-3

Pete’s players named to 2008 ASA All-State Team
OF Mack Schmitt
SS Jim Pecoraro
3B Dave Perkins
C Danny Alstat
P Ron Ames
P Jason Iuli
Most Valuble PlayerDave Perkins
Most Valuable PitcherJason Iuli

Pete’s Blues are making their ISC II debut at the 2008 ToC and are in a very tough pool in Pool D with Oswego, NY CPI, Kitchener, ON Outlaws and Salt Lake City, UT Innovative Communications.

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