ISC II Thank You’s

With the 2008 edition of the Tournament of Champions now in the books, I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of so many individuals without whose contributions the ToC would not be what it was this year – without a doubt, the absolute best tournament played this season outside of the World Tournament.

First, to our statisticians, led by Hank DeWild with a big assist from Jim Johnson and Tony Schaaf, you guys do a great job with not enough recognition. THANK YOU!!

The Host Committee – the North Side Sizzle Softball Club – led by Reed Rudie and Todd Trueblood and Jody Lockhart. Unless you have hosted a tournament of this magnitude, you don’t know the amount of work required. Thank you for doing everything you did to make the teams, players, umpires and staff welcome.

Ken Vierling assembled a very capable Blue Crew who did fantastic work all week up to and including the championship game.

The Ballpark Radio crew of Kyle, Jim, Billy and Joe. I truly think that the broadcasts are just one of the many items that set this tournament apart from all others. The work you guys do is incomparable.

And speaking of incomparable, I want to acknowlege Maddy Flanagan, who takes so many good pictures that words simply don’t do justice to your work. I will go further than what Ken Hackmeister said at our closing ceremonies. Not just probably, you ARE the best!

To Jim Williamson, Ken Hackmeister, Larry Fisher, Dean Oscar, Dick Mason, Bill Howell and all the others who firmly support ISC II within our organization, thank you. It was also great to see members of the Vancouver Grey Sox, So Cal Bombers and others from the ISC come out to support their friends playing in the championship game onWednesday.

Lastly, to the teams and players. Its you who make this tournament. Without your dedication and commitment to the game and to the ISC II program, I don’t know where we would be. Seeing players from so many teams come out to watch yesterday’s championship game was a testament to the comraderie that exists within ISC II. Thank you.


Blair Setford

Post Script – as I always do, I left out some important thank you’s on the first attempt. The ISC II staff: Doug Bach, Mal Swift, Kyle Smith and Jeff Whetstone did their usual fantastic job running the tournament. A big thank you to them. And, to ISC Canada East Regional Commissioners Colin Smith and Joe Todd – we couldn’t do this without you.

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