ISC II photos from 2009 AAU

Maddy Flanagan has posted her galleries from the 2009 AAU International Tournament, held January 23-25, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. It marked the sixth consecutive year that she has traveled to Orlando to shoot the tournament for the AAU. Click the logo above to see the entire gallery.

ISC II photos:
Ashland, OH Stock Pack
Ty McKinney, 2
With BPR’s Jim Flanagan and Kyle Smith
Gregg Garrity
Gregg Garrity
Gregg Garrity
Joe Hineline
Joe Hineline
Frank Rogers
Steve Horning
Steve Horning
Kyle Beane, not ISC II, but a friend of the TD
Kyle Beane
Kyle Beane
Nick McCurry and Frank Rogers
Shane Flinner
Jason Whiteley

Dundas, ON CPI/ADS
Jeff Lane steals a base 1, 2, 3
Mike Cutro
Shaun Winship 1, 2, 3
Winship & Mark McCallum
Jason Smith
Mike Sorzickas 1, 2, 3

New York, NY Gremlin Knights
Bill Hillhouse
Bryan Newton
Chad McConnell
Derek Pukash

Elmira, ON Advance Millwrights

Casey Halstead 1, 2, 3
Danny Martin

Niagara Falls, ON Fury
Jeff Wilson (he’s not ISC II, but a friend of TD)
Mark Korten (left) and umpire Doug Cundell
Craig Smith

Kenosha, WI Earl’s Club
Paul Skora

ToC Umpire Gary Kipfer
Paul McCart
Dave Drotzmann 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Drotzmann (right) & Jason Porto

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