Decatur Pride are back!

Editor’s Note: Still some roster kinks to be worked out, but the Decatur Pride, a long-time ISC team, are reforming and bringing back many of the game’s stars of yesteryear for a crack at the ISC II division.

From Al’s Fastball:

Decatur Pride is Back!

The Pride will participate in the ISC II Tournament of Champions in Rock Island (if we qualify) and will be host for the ASA Class A Nationals in Decatur, IL this season.

Head Coach Scott Standerfer will try to gel a mix of OLD and young. The Pride consists of 8 past Pride players as well as two sets of father-son combinations.

Brent Stevenson – P
Bobby Ginger – P
TJ Dobson – P
David Scott – P
Rick Minton – IF
Drew Minton – IF
David Boys – IF
Cole Koester – IF
Todd McQuality – IF
Larry Moffett – IF
Doug Williams – IF
Dustin Curran – IF
Paul Carlton – IF
Robbie Tirpak – OF
Tyler Morganthaler – OF
Blake Martin – OF
Dean Lambert – OF
Greg Morganthaler – C
Mike Hopkins – C

The Pride has the following Saturday and Sunday open HOME dates, which are played in Decatur, Illinois

August 15 – 6pm start
August 16 – 1pm start

We are wanting to host a team that may be traveling through Decatur, IL heading to Rock Island to play in ISC II Tournament of Champions.

We may be able to work on discounts on hotels with City of Decatur Better Business Bureau. Interested teams please contact Robbie Tirpak at

Tirpak, Robert

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