Schedule set for St. Clements Tournament

Seven ranked ISC II teams will take to the field May 22-24 for the annual St. Clements tournament just outside Kitchener, including host team #5 ranked Kitchener Outlaws, who finished second at the Millgrove Early Bird last weekend.

Also on hand are #10 Elmira Expos (tied for third in Millgrove) and #11 Port Elgin Blue Devils. Making their tournament debut are the #13 Wellington Sox, formed out of the merger between two-time ToC champions Harriston Mercurys and Elora Wellington Brewers.

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Gm 1 Fri 6:50 pm Kitchener Classics vs #5 Kitchener Outlaws
Gm 2 Fri 8:30 pm Mississauga Angels vs #40 Mitchell Mets
Gm 3 Fri 7:00 pm Mitchell Chiefs vs #26 Shakespeare Falcons
Gm 4 Fri 8:30 pm #13 Wellington Sox vs Linwood Jrs
Gm 5 Fri 7:00 pm #10 Elmira Expos vs Waterloo Jrs
Gm 6 Sat 9:30 am Morpeth Magic vs Oshawa B’s
Gm 7 Sat 9:30 am #11 Port Elgin Blue Devils vs Fisherville A’s
Gm 8 Sat 9:30 am #31 Alvinston Indians vs Napanee Express

Games continue all day Saturday with the A, B & C division finals scheduled for 2:00 pm Sunday.

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