#20 Decatur Pride win T-Town Memorial Day Tourney

Editor’s Note: Illinois ISC II hopefuls Belleville Stallions (who have a berth in hand), #20 Decatur Pride, Pinckneyville Lee’s Sports Falcons and Teutopolis Wessel’s Coor’s Light were among the 12 teams on hand for the T-Town Memorial Day Tournament this weekend in Teutopolis.

2009 T-Town Memorial Day Tourney

1st – Decatur Pride
2nd – Wessel’s Coors Light
3rd – Indianapolis Moose Lodge Militia #17
4th – Alt Home Center
5th – Koerner Miller Lite & Belleville Stallions

1 Fuddles Finest Bud def T-Town KC’s 14-6
WP: Schumacher LP: Zerusen
2 Altamont Home Center def Radom Lee’s Sports 8-1 5 innings
WP: Guse LP: Radake

3 Kenter’s Bud Light def Tri-Power Towing 9-2 6 innings
4 Jumpin’ Jimmy’s def Indianapolis Moose Lodge #17 Militia 10-8
WP: Lidy LP: unknown

THR 5/21
5 Belleville Stallions def Fuddles Finest 6-3
WP: Davis LP: Bloemer
6 Koerner Miller Lite def Altamont Home Center 5-2
WP: Stump Einhorn LP: Roedl

FRI. 5/22
7 Wessel’s Coors Light Def Kenter’s Bud Light 8-2
WP Niebrugge LP D Kreke
8 Decatur Pride Def Jumpin Jimmy’s 14-4
WP Stevenson LP: Lidy
9 Lee’s Sports Def Fuddles Finest 10-0 6 innings
WP: Gebhardt LP: Schumacher

SAT. 5/23
10 Indy Moose Lodge Militia Def Kenter’s Bud Light 10-2 5 innings
WP: Schmidt LP: D Kreke
11 Altamont Home Center Def T-Town KCs 11-4 5 innings
WP: Roedle LP: Nosbisch
12 Jumpin Jimmy’s Def Tri-Power Towing 4-1
WP: Westendorf LP: Overbeck
13 Wessel’s Def Belleville Stallions 19-6 5 innings
WP Niebrugge LP Godar
14 Decatur Pride Def Koerner Miller Lite 5-2
WP: Stevenson LP: J Einhorn
15 Indy Moose Lodge Def Lee’s Sports 3-2
WP: Schmidt LP: Kiselewski
16 Altamont Home Center Def Jumpin Jimmy’s 10-8
WP: Stempkey LP: Westendorf
17 Indy Moose Lodge Def. Belleville Stallions 5-4
WP: Schmidt LP: Davis
18 Altamont Home Center Def Koerner Miller Lite 8-5
WP: Roedle LP: J Einhorn

Sun. 5/24
19 Decatur Pride Def Wessel’s 7-4
WP Ginger LP Niebrugge – SV Stevenson
20 Indy Moose Lodge Def Def Alt Home Center – 11-9 Fourth Place
WP: Hughs LP: Stumkey
21 Wessel’s Def Indy Moose Lodge 12-6 Third Place
WP Thoele LP Stonebraker
22 Decatur Pride Def Wessels’ Coors Light 8-1 Championship
WP Stevenson LP Niebrugge

MVPitcher – Brent Stevenson (Decatur Pride)
MVPlayer – Blake Martin (Decatur Pride)
Chris Hutz Memorial Day HR Champ – Marcus Milsap (4) (Wessel’s)

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