Rude Pac members lead Cali team to title in Oregon

Editor’s Note: Several members of ISC II #6 Rude Pac helped lead the Cal State Builders to an undefeated run through the Boatnik tournament this past weekend in Grant’s Pass, Oregon. Rude Pac made their ISC II debut in 2008 and impressed many with their top 10 finish. They’re back in 2009 with an upgraded lineup and will be a threat to be in the final game on Saturday afternoon in Rock Island. From our brother blog, The Morning Brief

Cal State Builders Capture Boatnik Title at Grant’s Pass, Oregon

The Cal State Builders captured the 2009 Boatnik Tournament title at Grants Pass, Oregon on Monday after, capping their unbeaten run a 7-0 shutout win over Brotherton, Oregon. Gerald Pyle was the winning pitcher, tossing a one-hitter, while Javier Fierro, Dean Waltier and Dave Carlton all homered for the champs. Chris Paiva was 3-for-3 in the final, with 2 RBI.

Recap and Photo of the champions here:

If your first question was “Who are the Cal State Builders?”, I’m right with you. The answer is that they are team organized for this one tournament. The squad combines players from both Northern and Southern California. They were led by pitchers Matt Barnes, Gerald Pyle, and Ron Rupp, who all play in the SCIFL. Barnes had a hand in two no hitters on the weekend, one of them a perfect game. Dean Waltier and Javier Fierro had big weekends at the plate in Oregon to lead the offense.

The roster for the champions (players in italics are on the Rude Pac roster):

Matt Barnes P
Gerald Pyle P

Ron Rupp IF/P
Javier Fierro ss
Chris Paiva inf
Jason Gluckman C
Dan Winnick OF
Dean Waltier UTL
Ricky Moore UTL
John Abbott INF
Jeff Reich OF
Dave Carlton INF

A tip of the cap to the big man, Gerald Pyle for his coverage of the tournament all weekend long, and for the photos.

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