Best of the West Results


Saturday’s Scoreboard

Saturday Order of Finish and Seedings for Sunday’s Playoff Round

Sunday’s Scoreboard

Final Results (disappointing as it was)

Twitter updates throughout the day

*Jeremy Manley and his Pueblo Bandits were 3-0, with Manley striking out 48 batters.
*BJ Hunhoff was 2-0, with two shutouts, one of which was a no-hitter. BJ’s Pirate squad finished 2-1 and nabbed the #2 seed.
*Taylor Farms California Athletics finished 2-1, losing only to Pueblo. Manley and Drotzmann were tied at 1 going into the final inning. Taylor Farms is the #3 seed.

We’ll post more details, including who was awarded the ToC berths, as they become available.

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