A-1 Rude Pac report

Courtesy Ron Mizener, Sun Valley, CA A-1 Rude Pac

Here is how A1-Rude Pac did last weekend in Norcal Tournament

Fast City – We Lost 5-6 bad first inning they scored 6 runs in first than we settled down Gerald Pyle losing pitcher

#10 Portland Rockers – We Won 9-1 5 innings losing pitcher Spud Barker (ISC II), winning pitcher Matt Barnes for Rude Pac

ISC #18 Taylor Farms We Lost 7-1 Winning Pitcher Dave Drotzmann (ISC) losing Pitcher Doug Sleep.

#10 Portland – We Lost 2-1 Winning pitcher Travis Price (ISC) losing Pitcher Ed Gasper

ISC #18 Taylor Farms -We Lost 5-6 Winning Pitcher Mike Edgerden (ISC) Losing Pitcher Matt Barnes. Lost in last inning, were up 5-3

Over all not a good record but getting better at bats. Seeing good ISC pitching, it’s still early team is starting to play together.

Next June 27-28 SoCal Tournament-July 11-12 Morro Bay games with Taylor Farms

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