How the top 10 did this weekend

July 10-12, 2009

1. Waterdown, ON Hammer, 1st in Au Sable, OASA Elims next
2. Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder off, Napanee next
3. Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils Lost 16-1 to Australia, Travel League playoffs next
4. Ashland, OH Stock Pack 1st in Lackawanna; Frankenmuth next
5. K-W, ON Cubs off, OASA Elims next
6. Kitchener, ON Outlaws In finals in Ponsonby,
7. Bridgeport, ON Braves Lost 14-2 to Australia, OASA Elims next
8. Portland, OR Columbia River Rockers off
9. Elmira, ON Expos Lost 4-3, 10-1 to Australia, OASA Elims next
10. Dundas, ON CPI Classics off, Napanee next

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