Scores from Pete Schwab Memorial qualifier in Frankenmuth

Saturday, July 18, 2009
July 18, 2009
Frankenmuth, MI

Pool play has finished at the 8th Annual Pete Schwab Memorial Fastpitch Tournament & 2010 ISC II TOC Qualifier, July 17-19th, 2009. A special thanks to the blue-crew (led by UIC Mike Clark) for keeping the games on-time despite lingering light rain showers throughout the day on Saturday.

Standings after round robin pool play are as follows:

Scarlet Bracket
#1 (3-0) Stock Pack (Ashland, OH)
#2 (2-1) Goshen Gators (Goshen, IN)
#3 (1-2) Tiffany’s Food & Spirits (Frankenmuth, MI)
#4 (0-3) Carey Allstate Insurance (Midland, MI)

Gray Bracket
#1 (3-0) Blues Softball (Hastings, MI)
#2 (2-1) Frankenmuth Driving School (Frankenmuth, MI)
#3 (1-2) Twisters (Midland, MI)
#4 (0-3) Westerville Capitals (Westerville, OH)

Maize Bracket
#1 (2-1) Up to Date Painting (Millington, MI)
#2 (2-1) Jack Daniels (Columbus, OH)
#3 (2-1) Duncan Outlaws (Elkhart, IN)
#4 (0-3) Homer Fastpitch (Homer, MI)

Blue Bracket
#1 (3-0) Alvinston Indians (Alvinston, ON)
#2 (2-1) Lightning (Battle Creek, MI)
#3 (1-2) DC Current (Bremen, IN)
#4 (0-3) Gillies Fastpitch (Midland, MI)

G1 (Fri 7:30 pm)
Twisters 2
Blues 3
8 innings
WP: R. Nichols, 19K
LP: R. Engle

G2 (Fri 7:30 pm)
Tiffanys 7
Carey Allstate 4
WP: P. Loachridge 2 1/3 IP, 3H, 1W, 0R, in relief of J. Hoover
LP: R. Allen, 10H, 3W, 5K
Notes: Tiffs with 5 runs in top of 7th. Carey’s leaves bases loaded in bottom of 7th. T. Nuenfeldt (Carey) 3-4, B. Gnatkowski (Tiffs) 3-4

G3 (Fri 9:00 pm)
Homer Fastpitch 1
Up to Date Painting 8
5 innings
WP: M. Spagnuolo
LP: S. Damron
Notes: Shores (UTD) 2-3 3B, Ryan (UTD) 1-3, 3B, 2 RBI

G4 (Fri 9:00 pm)
Gillies Fastpitch 0
Lightning 10
5 innings
WP: S. Kelly

G5 (Sat 8:30 am)
Jack Daniels 2
Duncan Outlaws 7
WP: J. Gray, 7 K, 2 H
LP: L. McKinney
Notes: B. Miller (Duncan) 3 H. Larry McKinney (JD) was hit in the face while pitching in the 1st inning. However, good work from the Fmuth Med Express ( 8-stitches) and some work from Walmart optometry (bent glasses) have him back at the park. We wish Larry as speedy recovery.

G6 (Sat 8:30 am)
Westerville Capitals 3
Frankenmuth Driving School 10
5 innings
WP: Tyler Kelly
Notes: Todd Moore (FDS) 2-4 3RBI, Tyler Kelly (FDS) 3-4, K. Coleman (FDS) 3-3, C. Lafountain (FDS) 2-3

G7 (Sat 9:30 am)
Goshen Gators 1
Stock Pack 9
5 innings
WP: J. Yates, 2 K, 3 W
LP: W. Koshminder, 2K, 5 W
Notes: D. Wiley (SP) 2-3 2RBI

G8 (Sat 10:15 am)
Jack Daniels 9
Up to Date Painting 4
WP: M. Ranz
LP: D. Lach in relief of M. Spagnuolo
Notes: Jack Daniels with 7 runs in top of 7th for comeback win, Harper (UTD) 3-3, Ryan (UTD) 2-2 HR 3 RBI, Lach (UTD) 2-3 2 RBI

G9 (Sat 10:15 am)
Alvinston Indians 9
DC Current 0
WP: B. Young, 1H, 12K
LP: M. Huppert
Notes: E. Kettlehutt (Alvin) 3-4, J. Treist (Alvin) 2-3

G10 (Sat noon)
Stock Pack 8
Tiffanys 1
WP: J. VanHooser
LP: J. Hoover
Notes: Webb (SP) 3-3 2HR 3RBI, Vandeharr (Tiffs) 3B

G11 (Sat noon)
Westerville Capitals 0
Twisters 5
WP: G. Wright

G12 (Sat noon)
Goshen Gators 4
Carey Allstate 1

G13 (Sat 1:45 pm)
Alvinston Indians 3
Gillies Fastpitch 1
WP: R. Swift, 2H, 15K
LP: E. Wilson, 3H, 2ER
Notes: Metron (Alvin) 2B 2 RBI, Max Strouse (Gillies) RBI 1B in 7th

G14 (Sat 1:45 pm)
Blues 3
Frankenmuth Driving School 2
WP: R. Nichols
LP: D. Sleep
Notes: FDS strands guys at 2nd and 3rd in 7th to end game

G15 (Sat 1:45 pm)
Duncan Outlaws 11
Homer Fastpitch 10
8 innings
WP: A, Hodge, 9H, 4K, 4BB
LP: B. Boyd, 6ER, 11H, 6K, 1BB
Notes: J. Gray (Duncan) 3-4 3B 2B, Brent Miller 3-4 4 Runs

G16 (Sat 3:30 pm)
Goshen Gators 3
Tiffanys 2
WP: Miller
LP: P. Loachridge
Notes: D. Doughty (Tiffs) 2H HR; Goshen with 2 runs in top of 7th for win and 2nd seed in bracket

G17 (Sat 3:30 pm)
Stock Pack 10
Carey Allstate 3
WP: Jamie Thompson, 7K, 1W
LP: Allen
Notes: Chad Honaker (SP) 3-3 2RBI

G18 (Sat 3:30 pm)
DC Current 1
Lightning 8
WP: S. Kelly, 4H, 7K
LP: R. Eckman, 8R, 3K
Notes: K. Knox (Lightning) 2-2 2B 2RBI

G19 (Sat 5:15 pm)
Duncan Outlaws 3
Up to Date Painting 10
6 innings
WP: D. Lach
LP: Gray
Notes: J. Harper (UTD) 2 HR, GS, 6 RBI

G20 (Sat 5:15 pm)
Jack Daniels 4
Homer Fastpitch 2
WP: Jon McMurray 0ER, 5H, 5K
LP: Brian Edwards
Notes: Ryan Brockman with a double to knock in the winning run

G21 (Sat 7:00 pm)
Frankenmuth Driving School 7
Twisters 0
5 innings
WP: D. Sleep
LP: R. Engle

G22 (Sat 7:00 pm)
DC Current 9
Gillies Fastpitch 2

G23 (Sat 8:30 pm)
Alvinston Indians 5
Lightning 0
LP: Trevor Kelly

G24 (Sat 8:30 pm)
Westerville Capitals 11
Blues Softball 12
WP: D. Nichols

G25 (Sat 7:00 pm)
Sudden Death Playoff
Duncan Outlaws 1
Jack Daniels 2
2 innings
WP: Matt Ranz
LP: Hodge
Notes: sudden death tie-breaker used to determine 2nd place among three teams tied with 2-1 record

Single elimination playoff games will begin at 8:30 am on Sunday morning. The top 8 teams from pool play (two from each bracket) will compete for the A bracket championship. The top finishing US East region team in the A playoff bracket will be offered a bid to the 2010 ISC II TOC. Top finishing teams from all regions will be eligible and given consideration for an additional at-large bid, if one becomes available. Additionally, the 3rd and 4th place teams from pool play will be organized into four-team B and C playoff brackets with the chance to win special prizes. The playoff schedule is as follows:


G26 A Bracket Quarterfinal #1 (Sun 8:30 am)
Stock Pack vs. Jack Daniels

G27 A Bracket Quarterfinal #2 (Sun 8:30 am)
Up to Date Painting vs. Goshen

G28 A Bracket Quarterfinal #3 (Sun 10:00 am)
Blues vs. Lightning

G29 A Bracket Quarterfinal #4 (Sun 10:00 am)
Alvinston vs. Frankenmuth Driving School

G30 A Bracket Semifinal #1 (Sun 1:45 pm)
Winner G27 vs. Winner G29

G31 A Bracket Semifinal #2 (Sun 1:45 pm)
Winner G26 vs. Winner G28

G32 A Bracket Finals (Sun 3:30 pm)
Winner G30 vs. Winner G31


G33 B Bracket Semifinal #1 (Sun 12:00 pm)
Tiffanys vs. Twisters

G34 B Bracket Semifinals #2 (Sun 12:00 pm)
Duncan Outlaws vs. DC Current

G35 B Bracket Finals (Sun 1:45 pm)
Winner G33 vs. Winner G34


G36 C Bracket Semifinal #1 (Sun 8:30 am)
Carey Allstate vs. Homer Fastpitch

G37 C Bracket Semifinals #2 (Sun 10:15 am)
Westerville Capitals vs. Gillies Fastpitch

G38 C Bracket Finals (Sun 12:00 pm)
Winner G36 vs. Winner G37

Host Team – Up to Date Painting Fastpitch
Tournament Director – Mike Spagnuolo
ISC Rep – Lee Isenhart
UIC – Mike Clark

Keep watch for playoff updates on Sunday.

David Lach
Up to Date Painting Fastpitch Club

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