Final batch of Maddy’s Photos

Click here for Maddy’s Photos Gallery, “Opening Ceremonies”

Click here for Maddy’s Photos Gallery, “Around the Ballpark”.

From Maddy’s Photos Blog:

“It is in a bittersweet mood that I finished the task of reviewing and uploading all the photos for the 2009 ISC II – Tournament of Champions. Bittwersweet because it signifies the end of the fastpitch season for me. No more standing in the field and sharing it with the very talented athletes who play this great game called fastpitch. No more smelling the sweet smell of grass as I stand too close to the foul line to get just the right shot. No more chattering with the managers and players as they return to their positions on the field. But all is not lost, as this will all repeat itself next year. Until then I hope you join me in re-visiting, through my photos, the wonderful tournament called the ISC II.

I have uploaded two more galleries: the first gallery is of the photos taken during the Opening Ceremonies (2009 ISC II – Opening Ceremonies) and the second gallery has photos taken around the ballpark of the fans, players and staff (2009 ISC II – Around the Ballpark). My thanks to everyone who each year make this tournament an unforgettable experience for me. From Blair Setford who each year gives me access so I can photograph this great tournament. To the game controllers who always happily accept the task of babysitting my equipment and keep me in stitches with their stories and jokes. To the players whose athletic prowess challenge me each and every game as I try to capture with photographs what they do so easily and with such talent. And last but not least, the umpires, for who I feel a close kinship; sort of brothers in arms you might say, sharing the field game after game but never playing in it. ”


(Photo of Maddy, not by Maddy)

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