Ontario Challenge Cup Saturday Scores

game # 12
Ingersoll Crush 4
Arthur Merchants 3
8 innings
wp Todd Winkworth
lp Jayme Ames
todd winkworth wp and drove home 3 runs in the b 8 for the victory

game 13
Shakespeare Falcons 5
Glencoe Astros 2
wp Fred Follings lp Steve Cook
Faulhafer Brothers Dave and Rob both had hr

game 14
Wellington Sox 6
Kitchenere Selects 0
wp Jeff Detta one Hitter lp Doug Hoffman

Game 15
Alvinston Indians 5
Hickson Reds 1
wp Brad Young
lp Mel Ross / releif Mark Van Vliet

Game 16
Elmira Expos 4
Oshweken Redmen 0
wp Casey Halstead 2 hitter and a 2 run homer and a single
lp Darren Zack

Game 17
Oshweken Redmen 8
Minesing Monarchs 2
wp Lee Hopkins and scored 3 runs
lp Mike Crawford, Kurt Glover

Game 18
Hickson Reds 1
Mississauga Sox 0
wp Mark Van Vliet
lp Glenn Dorrington

Game 20
Glencoe Astros 2
Ingersoll Crush 1
wp Shaun Winship
lp Adam Martin

game # 19
Cambridge Reds 7
Kitchener Selects 2
wp Kevin Buckley
lp Doug Hoffman

game 21
Hickson Reds 3
Osweken Redmen 0
wp Mark VanVliet,
lp Darren Zack

Game 22
Glencoe Astros 9
Cambridge Reds 2
wp Shaun Winship
lp Derek Mitchell

Game 23
Wellington Sox 6
Shakespeare Falcons 3
wp Todd Uhrig
lp Fred Follings

Game 24
Elmira Expos 2
Alvinston Indians 0
wp dan Martin
lp John Ferguson

Game 25
Shakespeare Falcons 3
Hickson Reds 0
wp Nic Laurette,
lp Mark Van Vliet

Game 26
Glencoe Astros 5 8 innings
Alvinston Indians 3
wp Shaun Winship in reflief of Steve Cook
lp Brad Young

Undefeated Game
game # 27
Elmira Expos 5
Wellington Sox 4
wp Casey Halstead
lp Todd Uhrig
Expos Travis Martin 2 singles and a home run, 1 of the singles and gwrbi in B7

Sunday Schedule
9:00 am
Game 28
Shakespeare Falcons Vs Glencoe Astros

11:00 am
Game 29
Wellngton Sox will play winner of Game 28

Championship game
1:00 pm
Elmira Expos vs winner Game 29

3:00 pm
If necessary

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