Final Ontario Top 10 Intermediate Rankings

Congratulations to the Harriston Mercury’s tournament team finishing on top of the year-end Ontario Top 10 Intermediate Rankings. With nearly all leagues having finished their 2004 season and/or reported their results, this the final Ontario Top 10 Intermediate Ranking for 2004.

As always, current ranking is listed first, followed by previous ranking in brackets. Thanks to everyone for their comments, whether you agreed or disagreed, the list has always been about getting people talking about the Intermediate (ISC II) game.

Best regards,
Blair Setford
ISC II Commissioner

1 (7) Harriston Mercury’s – The tournament team won the ISC II Tournament of Champions, and was third at the Intermediate eliminations – going to Chippewa Falls as two-time defending ISC II champs.

2 (5) Tavistock Merchants – Finalist at the ISC II ToC and finalist in South Perth playoffs to Sebringville, and have automatic berth to Chippewa Falls.

3 (9) Port Elgin Blue Devils – Won the Eastern Canadian B; won the Ontario ISC II Challenge Cup and will be going to Chippewa Falls next year.

4 (-) Woodstock Kelsey’s – Won the Tri-County league playoff, sweeping Norwich Razorbacks.

5 (-) Micksburg Twins – Won Upper Ottawa Valley league and several tournaments in Eastern Ontario – will they play ISC II next year?

6 (4) Norwich Razorbacks – Finished tied for 5th at ISC II ToC, finalist to Woodstock Kelsey’s in Tri-County league.

7 (-) Glencoe Astros – Won the St. Thomas league championship.

8 (-) Hamilton Hawks – Won the Golden Horseshoe and Waterdown league championships and a Top 10 finish at NAFA A Major.

9 (2) Kemptville Thunder – Top-ranked team for much of the season, went 3-2 at ISC II ToC.

10 (3) Alvinston Indians – Finalist in St. Thomas league championship after disappointing ISC II ToC.

Honourable mentions:
Aurora Leghorns – In the Oshawa league finals after eliminating the very tough Toronto Champion Indians.

Aylmer Cardinals – Top 10 finish at NAFA AA.

Bridgeport Braves – Third in the South Perth league.

Claremont Rebels – In the Oshawa league finals.

Fisherville A’s – Finished second in NAFA A Major.

Ingersoll Centennials – Finalist to Port Elgin at the Ontario ISC II Challenge Cup.

Niagara Snappers – Finalist in Golden Horseshoe and third at Ontario ISC II Challenge Cup.

Stouffville Mennos – Won the Intermediate eliminations, but had tough weekend at the Eastern Canadian A. Lost to Claremont in Oshawa league playoffs.

New to the Top 10
4 Woodstock Kelsey’s
5 Micksburg Twins
7 Glencoe Astros
8 Hamilton Hawks

Dropping out of the Top 10
1 Stouffville Mennos
6 St. Mary’s Gunners
8 Highgate Rock
10 Niagara Snappers

Congratulations to various league champions:
Caledonia Sox – Won the Erie league
Kanata Team Easton – Won the Kemptville league
Kingston Cowboys – Won the Loughborough league
Kitchener Phoenix – Won the Kitchener Fastball League
Vasey Countrymen – Won the Simcoe Rural league
Mississauga Chiefs – Won the Mississauga league
Niagara Falls Central Collision – Won the Niagara Falls league
Owen Sound Crunch – Won the Blue Water league
Sebringville Sting – Won the South Perth league
Seeley’s Bay – Won the North Leeds league

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