Google’s New RSS Blog Reader

Well, it’s the off-season, and it’s a slow news cycle, so a good time to drop in a tech tip. To many, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) blog feeds are still Greek.

Leave it to the geniuses at Google to simplify RSS for you. They just rolled out their RSS “Reader” today. Click here for details and a tour.

We’ll leave the explanations to Google, but the short version is that Google Reader gives you a way to see what updates have been posted to your favorite blogs — like The Deuce or Morning Brief for example. Toss in your favorite baseball site and keep up with the playoffs while you’re at it. Instead of clicking around to see which of your favorite blogs or websites have been updated, just visit your Google Reader, and it will display the excerpts to show you.

p.s. When you get to the blank line to “Add a Feed”, copy and paste these (one at a time):

Be sure to click “Subscribe” button.

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