Bridgeport Proforma Braves (ISC II 2006 Host)

From Al’s Fastball:

Here is the roster and schedule information for the ISC II’s 2006 Host Team in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, the Bridgeport Proforma Braves:

Kitchener, ON

The following is the roster of the Bridgeport Proforma Braves
(Proud Host Team of the ISC II T of C)

Boyd, Rick (Coach)
Cox, Larry (Coach)
Dickson, Andy (INF)
Dickson, Jodie (OF)
Eaton, Terry (IF,OF)
Forbes, Sam (IF)
Hoch, Jason (C,INF,OF)
Kelly, Mike (INF,OF)
McGarr, John (P, OF)
McWhirter, Ron (C,INF)
Murdock, Travis (OF,INF)
Ross, Mel (P)
Schnarr, Jay (INF)
Schnarr, Jim (P)
Schnarr, Jodie (OF)
Weiler, Rob (INF)
Winkworth, Cory (INF,OF)
Winkworth, Todd (P,INF)

Tournaments we are planning on attending:
1) May 26-28 K-W Pride Tourney in St. Clements
2) June 2-3 Woodstock Legends Tourney
3) June 9-11 Mitchell Tourney
4) July 7-9 Wroxeter Tourney
5) August 4-6 OASA Elims in St. Thomas
6) August 13-18 ISCII TofC in Kitchener
7) Sept15-17 South Perth League Playoff Tournament

On behalf of the Brideport Ball Club, we wish all teams a great summer on and off the diamond, and were looking forward to being your hosts and seeing teams from across North America in Kitchener, On.

Be sure to visit the ISC Host Web Site for regular tournament
updates at

Rick Boyd

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