ISC II Special Operating Rules for 2006

ISC II Special Operating Rules for 2006

The International Softball Congress is announcing special operating rules for the 2006 season for the ISC II division regarding the pickup of pitchers from the Eastern Canada area.

For the 2006 season, following the completion of the Eastern Canada qualifiers on June 18, teams from outside the Eastern Canada area may sign one (1) pitcher from the Eastern Canada area provided that they remain in compliance with the ISC II out-of-area rules which limit teams to a total of three (3) OOA players, only two (2) of whom can be pitchers. The signing deadline is July 14, 2006. Fees and completed forms must be mailed to ISC Executive Director Ken Hackmeister as of that date.

Qualified or invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area may only pick up (1) pitcher from among their three (3) available pickups. Any qualified or invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area that have a pitcher on the list below cannot pick up any other pitcher from that list, but can pick up any other eligible pitcher. Qualified and invited teams from within the Eastern Canada area that don’t have a pitcher on this restricted list may pick up one pitcher from the list if they choose to.

1. Ben Blonde
2. Doug Charlton
3. Steve Cook
4. Corey Costello
5. Byron Demoe

6. Dan Duemo
7. Rob Fawcett
8. Fred Follings
9. Ryan French
10. Casey Halstead

11. Steve Ketchell
12. Dan Konkle
13. Chris McColl
14. Tim Neill
15. Jim Schnarr

16. Gord Scott
17. Scott Smith
18. Todd Uhrig
19. Todd Winkworth
20. Shaun Winship

“These special operating rules were developed in consultation with several Canada East teams who have many years of combined ISC II participation both at the area level and at the international level,” said ISC II Vice-President Bob McGowan.

OOA player registration must follow these procedures:

1. A completed and signed copy of the ISC Letter of Intent to Play OOA (available here) must be mailed to Ken Hackmeister with a postmark no later than July 14, 2006 and must include the $100 US fee.

2. Teams must notify ISC II VP Bob McGowan (jbob99(at) and ISC II Commissioner Blair Setford (blairjs(at) of any OOA signing by July 14.

3. Final rosters for all ToC teams are due at registration on Saturday August 12, 2006 in Kitchener. All OOA players and pick-ups must be highlighted.

These special operating will give some pitchers in the Eastern Canada area that haven’t had the opportunity to compete in the ISC II Tournament of Champions the chance to get picked up for the ToC and will potentially enable some of the teams from outside the Eastern Canada area to better compete at the ToC.

If there are any questions about this or additional clarification is needed, please email ISC II VP Bob McGowan at jbob99(at)

Click here for a chart format of the rules.

May 12, 2006

Gordon Wise –
ISC Information Officer

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