St. Clement’s features several ISC II teams

Several ISC II contenders will be in action this weekend in St. Clement’s, Ontario – just outside Kitchener.

Among those in the 16-team field are:
#1 Elmira Cubs – Casey Halstead, Ryan French
#3 Alvinston Indians – Doug Charlton, Brad Young
#4 Port Elgin Blue Devils – Rob Fawcett
#5 Bridgeport Braves – Jim Schnarr, Todd Winkworth
#10 Harriston Mercury’s – Scott Smith, Nic Goetz
#10 Tavistock Smully’s Merchants – Steve Cook, Ryan Cummings
#40 Morpeth Magic – Ben Blonde
#42 Mitchell Mets – Jeff Pauli, Kevin Gettler
#43 Shakespeare Falcons – Fred Follings

Other teams include:
Kitchener Phoenix Outlaws – Mel Ross, Scott Leonhardt
Elmira Juniors – Danny Martin (pitched with Port Elgin in last year’s ToC)

For the full schedule, please click here.

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