Kingston, ON tournament results

Here are the results from the 2006 Kingston Cowboys fastball tournament played in Sydenham, Ontarion on the May 20 & 21 weekend.

Game #1 – Napanee Junior Express vs Sydenham
Napanee 7
Sydenham 2
WP: Tim Kellar (Starter) 2K 2ER
Bryan Brooks (Relief) 2K 0ER
LP: Mike Halligan (Starter) 5K 2ER 3UER
Pat Severin (Relief) 0K 0ER 2UER
Napanee: Andy Madden (2), Chris Lewis, Cory Brooks
Sydenham: Chris Carroll, Pat Severin

Game #2 – Knoxville, ON vs Valley Raiders
Knoxville 10
Valley 0
WP: Craig Hollingsworth 0H 10K **NO HITTER**
LP: Ryan Cox 5H 4ER 6UER 3K
Knoxville: Mike Burnette (2), Dave Kemp, Ryan Bowes, Cory Fowler

Game #3 – Fitzroy Harbour vs Ricola
Ricola 4
Fitzroy 1
WP: Jamie Thompson 2H 1ER 5K
LP: Brad Porter 4H 3ER 1UER 8K
Ricola: Kevin Brink, Robbie Gray, Eric Hemphill
Fitzroy: Steve Johnson

Game #4 – Royals vs Napanee Midget Express
Napanee 5
Royals 1
WP: Nick Brooks 2H 1ER 10K
LP: Marvin Smith (Starter) 2H 3ER 1K
Mikey Cristobal (Relief) 3H 0ER 2UER 1K
Napanee: Joran Graham (2), Lucas MacNeill
Royals: Domenic Demasi

Game #5 – C.P.I. vs Napanee Junior Express
C.P.I. 5
Napanee 0
WP: Shawn Sampson 2H 0ER 7K
LP: Andy Madden 9H 5ER 8K
C.P.I.: Charlie Walseman (2), Derek Stevens (2), Mike Donovan
HR: Charlie Walseman – C.P.I.

Game # 6 – Kingston Cowboys vs Valley Raiders
Kingston 9
Valley 4
WP: Jon Swaine 5H 1ER 3UER 9K
LP: Bryce Levesque (Starter) 3H 5ER 2K
Darren Featherstone (Relief) 1H 3ER 1UER 0K

Game #7 Sydenham vs Ricola
Ricola 5
Sydenaham 2
WP: Jeff Van Hooser (Starter) 0H 0ER 3K
Barry Van Hooser (Relief) 3H 1ER 1UER 3K
LP: Scott Nichol (Starter) 6H 5ER 2K
Dale Dowdell (Relief) 2H 0ER 5K
Ricola: Kevin Brink, Robbie Gray, Chris Mendell, John Dry, Matt Foster
Sydenham: Pat Severin

Game #8 – Knoxville, ON vs Royals
Knoxville 13
Royals 0
WP: Jason Smith 0H 5K 0ER
LP: Marvin Smith 1H 6ER 1K
Mikey Cristobal 6H 5ER 1K
Jason Young 1H 2ER 1K
Knoxville: Mike Burnett (4), Dave Kemp (2), Kurt Clark (2), Jeff Lane
(2), Ryan Bowes (2),
Mike Paul

Game #9 – Fitzroy Harbour vs Napanee Junior Express
Napanee 4
Fitzroy 1
WP: Bryan Brooks 3H 1ER 9K
LP: Bud Hanlon 7H 3ER 1UER 1K
Napanee: Andrew Wemp, Kyle Mack, Jeff Hansen
Fitzroy: Mark Wright

Game #10 – Napanee Midget Express vs Valley Raiders
Valley 5
Napanee 3
WP: Darren Featherstone 6H 2ER 1UER 4K
LP: Kyle Arsenault 7H 5ER 4K
Valley: Joe McCleary, Darren Featherstone, Bryce Levesque
Napanee: Craig McGarvey, Scott Mills
HR: Bryce Levesque – Valley

Game #11 – C.P.I. vs Sydenham
C.P.I. 17
Sydenham 1
WP: Shawn Sampson 4H 1ER 4K
LP: Dale Dowdell 7H 6ER 3UER 0K
Pat Severin 2H 2ER 0K
Scott Nichol 5H 6ER 1K
C.P.I.: Mike Donovan (2), Mike McKie (2), Mike Cutro (2), Sam Eakins,
Charlie Walseman, Derek Stevens, Jorge Sepulveda
Sydenham: Dale Dowdell

Game #12 – Kingston Cowboys vs Knoxville, ON
Knoxville 15
Kingston 4
WP: Jason Smith (Relief) 0H 0ER 3K
Dan Konkle (Starter) 5H 4ER 2 K
LP: Jason Benne (Starter) 7H 6ER 1ER 0K
Adam Garrison (Relief) 8H 8ER 3K
Knoxville: Hughie Vankoughnett (3), Kurt Clark (3), Mike Paul (2), Lyle
Brown (2), Dave Kemp, Ryan Bowes, Cory Fowler
Kingston: Chris Switzer, Kevin Buchan, Adam Garrison
HR: Hughie Vankoughnett – Knox, Lyle Brown – Knox

Game #13 – Napanee Junior Express vs Ricola
Ricola 6
Napanee 2
WP: Jeff Vanhooser 4H 1ER 1UER 11K
LP: Andy Madden (Starter) 4H 2ER 1UER 1K
Bryan Brooks (Relief) 2H 0ER 3UER 2K
Ricola: Eric Hemphill (2), John Dry
Napanee: Ben Tee

Game #14 Valley Raiders vs Royals
Royals 3
Valley 1
WP: Marvin Smith 5H 1ER 6K
LP: Bryce Levesque 5H 3ER 2K
Royals: Adam Solnick, Mikey Cristobal, Jason Young
Valley: Joe McCleary

Game #15 – Fitzroy Harbour vs C.P.I.
C.P.I. 7
Fitzroy 1
WP: Shawn Sampson 7H 1ER 6K
LP: Brad Porter 5H 4ER 3UER 4K
C.P.I.: Mark Blanchard (2), Derek Stevens, Shawn Sampson
Fitzroy: Trevor Barton

Game #16 – Kingston Cowboys vs Napanee Midget Express
Kingston 6
Napanee 2
WP: Chris Switzer (Relief) 2H 0ER 4K
Jason Benne (Starter) 2H 2ER 4K
LP: Kyle Arsenault (Relief) 4H 4ER 1K
Joran Graham (Starter) 2H 2ER 3K
Cowboys: Jon Swaine (2), Tim Murphy, Geoff Crawford
Napanee: Scott Mills

** This was the final game scheduled fro Saturday night, however play was halted in the bottom of the third inning and resume on Sunday morning. Napanee pitcher Joran Graham was struck with a line drive in the forehead. The ambulance was called and Joran spent the night in the hospital. Joran was able to come out to the tournament on Sunday afternoon and said that all things considered, he was feeling OK. Joran had a concussion, multiple fractures of the sinus cavity and I believe a hairline fracture of the skull. With some time off, Joran should be fine. The Kingston Cowboys would like to send a special thank you out to Mike Cutro of the C.P.I. team. When this incident happened, Mike immediately left his game and took charge of the situation. As a 20+ year fire department veteran in New York Mike was certainly qualified to take care of Joran until the ambulance arrived and he did a great job of talking Joran through what was happening.

Game #17 – Sydenham vs Fitzroy Harbour
Sydenham 6
Fitzroy 3
WP: Mike Halligan 6H 2ER 1UER 9K
LP: Bud Hanlon (Starter) 4H 2ER 3K
Mark Wright (Relief) 4H 1ER 3UER 2K
Sydenham: Pat Severin (2), Terry Redden, Chris Carroll
Fitzroy: Jason Armstrong, Mike Cavanaugh, Shawn Rebertz

Game #18 – Knoxville, ON vs Napanee Midget Express
Knoxville 6
Napanee 0
WP: Craig Hollingsworth 3H 0ER 8K
LP: Nick Brooks (Starter) 10H 5ER 1UER 1K
Kyle Arsenault (Relief) 0H 0ER 0K
Knoxville: Lyle Brown (2), Dave Kemp, Kurt Clark, Cory Fowler
HR: Cory Fowler – Knox

Game #19 – C.P.I. vs Ricola
C.P.I. 3
Ricola 2
WP: Shawn Sampson 5H 2ER 5K
LP: Jamie Thompson (Starter) 6H 3ER 5K
Jeff Van Hooser (Relief) 1H 0ER 0K
C.P.I.: Mike Cutro, Sam Eakins
Ricola: Chris Mendell, John Dry

Game #20 – Royals vs Kingston Cowboys
Kingston 4
Royals 0
WP: Adam Garrison 4H 0ER 9K
LP: Marvin Smith 5H 3ER 1UER 4K
Kingston: Jason Benne (2), Jon Swaine, Tim Ferguson

C.P.I. vs Kingston Cowboys
C.P.I. 7
Kingston 1
WP: Shawn Sampson 5H 1ER 5K
LP: Jon Swaine (Starter) 6H 7ER 3K
Jason Benne (Relief) 1H 0ER 1K
C.P.I.: Mike Dicob (2), Charlie Walseman (2), Mike Donovan, Mark
Kingston: Jeff Hannah
HR: Charlie Walseman – C.P.I., Jeff Hannah – Kingston

Knoxville, ON vs Ricola
Knoxville 6
Ricola 3
WP: Jason Smith (Relief) 1H 0ER 11K
Dan Konkle (Starter) 2H 2ER 1UER 1K
LP: Jeff Van Hooser (Starter) 2H 2ER 3UER 3K
Barry Van Hooser (Relief) 1H 1ER 3K
Knoxville: Ryan Bowes (4)
Ricola: Rick Wright
HR – Ryan Bowes – Knox

C.P.I. vs Knoxville, ON
Due to weather and travel requirements, the teams decided to split the prize money and were declared Co-Champions.

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