Snapper Shoot-Out set to go

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

May 30, 2006

The Snapper Shoot-Out is about to get underway in 3 days time. There will be 16 of the best intermediate teams from Canada and the U.S. competing for more than $2500 in cash prizes. The tournament kicks off on Friday June 2nd at 7:00pm and concludes with the finals on Sunday June 4th at 4:00pm. Opening Ceremonies featuring Niagara-on-the-Lake Lord Mayor Gary Burroughs, ISC II Commissioner Blair Setford, and the Snapper Executive Committee are scheduled to run from 8:45pm until 9:00pm on the Friday night. If you are in the Niagara area over the weekend, stop by for a burger and a beer and catch a few games of high caliber ISC II fastball.

The tournament takes place at the Centennial Arena and Sports Park in the beautiful town of Virgil, ON. Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, and Niagara Falls are all a 5 minute drive from the park.

Directions to the park, a printable schedule, copies of the rules, and a great promotional poster, which is running in all the local papers this week, can be found on the Niagara Snappers web site at

We will be sending Game Summaries to Al’s Fastball every night after the action concludes to keep all the fastball fans updated on the days games.

Red Division
Niagara Snappers (Ranked #2 in ISC II Rankings)
CPI (Ranked #8 in ISC II Rankings)
South Lebanon TNT (Ranked #39 in ISC II Rankings)
Shakespeare Falcons (Ranked #42 in ISC II Rankings)

Black Division
Elora Brewers (Ranked #18 in ISC II Rankings)
Mississauga Arrows (Not Ranked)
PA Power (Ranked #37 in ISC II Rankings)
Toronto Indians (Ranked #19 in ISC II Rankings)

Silver Division
Alvinston Indians (Ranked #3 in ISC II Rankings)
Ashland Merchants (Ranked #12 in ISC II Rankings)
KMV Rise (Ranked #9 in ISC II Rankings)
Waterdown Hammer (Ranked #30 in ISC II Rankings)

White Division
Glencoe Astros (Ranked #28 in ISC II Rankings)
Orr Park Knights (Ranked #22 in ISC II Rankings)
Palermo Athletics (Ranked #17 in ISC II Rankings)
St. Mary’s Gunners (Not Ranked)

Friday Night Games

7:15pm – Elora Brewers vs. PA Power
7:15pm – KMV Rise vs. Waterdown Hammer
7:15pm – Palermo Athletics vs. St. Mary’s Gunners
9:15pm – Niagara Snappers vs. Shakespeare Falcons
9:15pm – Toronto Indians vs. Mississauga Arrows
9:15pm – Alvinston Indians vs. Ashland Merchants

Saturday Games
9:15am – Orr Park Knights vs. Glencoe Astros
9:15am – CPI vs. South Lebanon TNT
9:15am – Elora Brewers vs. Mississauga Arrows
11:30am – Alvinston Indians vs. Waterdown Hammer
11:30am – Glencoe Astros vs. St. Mary’s Gunners
11:30am – Niagara Snappers vs. South Lebanon TNT
1:45pm – Toronto Indians vs. PA Power
1:45pm – KMV Rise vs. Ashland Merchants
1:45pm – Palermo Athletics vs. Orr Park Knights
4:00pm – Shakespeare Falcons vs. CPI
4:00pm – Elora Brewers vs. Toronto Indians
4:00pm – Alvinston Indians vs. KMV Rise
6:15pm – Orr Park Knights vs. St. Mary’s Gunners
6:15pm – Niagara Snappers vs. CPI
6:15pm – Mississauga Arrows vs. PA Power
8:00pm – Ashland Merchants vs. Waterdown Hammer
8:00pm – Palermo Athletics vs. Glencoe Astros
8:00pm – Shakespeare Falcons vs. South Lebanon TNT

Sunday Games
9:15am – Quarter Final #1 (game #25)
Red #1 vs. Black #2

9:15am – Quarter Final #2 (game #26)
Red #2 vs. Black #1

11:30am – Quarter Final #3 (game #27)
White #1 vs. Silver #2

11:30am – Quarter Final #4 (game #28)
White #2 vs. Silver #1

1:45pm – Semi-Final #1 (game #29)
Winner Game #25 vs. Winner Game #26

1:45pm – Semi-Final #2 (game #30)
Winner Game #27 vs. Winner Game #28

4:00pm – Final Game (game #31)
Winner Game #29 vs. Winner Game #30

Dan Bernard

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