Major Signing in SoCal Announced

Editor’s note: I did not post this story. See what happens when I leave town and leave the blog unlocked ? Thanks Blair, for mining the far reaches to find this story on an aging veteran….;-) I figured 3 innings would keep me under the radar. All I know is that the big guy better get in shape!

From the SoCal Hustlers website:

Friday, May 18
Hustlers do it AGAIN!!!

It just keeps getting better for the Hustler Organization. Not only did they acquire another veteran pitcher…..but a well know veteran at that. Looking ahead to nationals and wanting to bolster an already potent pitching staff….the Hustlers are happy to announce the addition of none other than Jim Flanagan to the team. Most of you know Jim from, but us locals of the Socal alliance and SCIFL know him better as a pitcher. And a good one at that. Sidelined with an injury early in last years season the Black Sox organization was forced to replace him and left him open for the free agent market. That’s all that was needed for the Hustler staff to jump at the chance to strengthen our bullpen. Coach Cole was quoted as saying “we’ll start him off slow and let him get back into pitching shape and he should be ready by nationals”. GM Proffitt was also quoted as saying “this is just what we needed to be a serious contender at NAFA”. Some of the negotiations were over heard and this tape was leaked out by “unknown sources”. The tape clearly shows that veteran Kenny Shaw has some influence on who plays for the Hustlers. Here is just some of what Flanagan allegedly said during those negotiations.[1].wav

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