Canada East (Innerkip) Saturday Scores

Canada East ISC II Qualifier in Innerkip, On
Saturday June 23

Perfect day for ball here in Innerkip. High blue skies with temperatures in the mid 20’s. Good crowds for many of the games throughout the day and the beer tent was buzzing about the upsets. Elora Brewers dropped their second game of the tournament and were sent home early by Hickson Reds. Wyevale Tribe sent Elmira Cubs to the loser’s bracket with a thoroughly convincing 8-0 win as Jason Giffen tossed his second 1-hitter of the tournament while Lee Hopkins of Bucktown continued to be the hottest batter, driving in both of Bucktown’s runs in their 2-0 win over Glencoe Astros, giving him 7 in the Bees’ first two games. Bucktown’s Phillip Martin also continues to impress, allowing only four hits to Port Elgin in a 2-1 win to advance to the undefeated game. Giffen has given up only four hits all tournament as Wyevale has made their way to the an improbable winner’s bracket final against Bucktown.

Saturday 9 am
Game 9
Shakespeare Falcons 8
Mitchell Mets 1 – 5 innings
WP: Fred Follings 5IP 1R 2H 6Ks
LP: Garnett Kraemer 3 1/3IP 4R 6H 3Ks 2BB, relief Kevin Pomfret 4R 3H 1BB, Jeff Smith 2/3 IP 2Ks
Shakespeare: Reid Yantzi 1-2 2RBIs; Kyle Harloff 1-2 2 RBIs; Dave Faulhaffer 2-3

Game 10
Alvinston Indians 9
Jarvis Rock 7 – 10 innings
WP: Ryan Swift 7IP 2R 5H 9Ks 3BBs, in relief of Brett Neal 3IP 5R 4ER 6H 1K
LP: Dave Martin 8IP 3R 2ER 6H 6Ks 5BBs, in relief of Brent Fehrman 2IP 6R 5H 1BB
Alvinston: Theo Metron 3-6 2B GWRBI; Shawn Fenton 2-4 BB; Greg Huston 1-3 2BB
Jarvis: Greg Bacher 3-run HR; Dan Garman HR

Game 11
Glencoe Astros 6
Hickson Reds 3
WP: Ian Knott 7IP 3R 8H 8Ks
LP: Luke Raymer 3IP 3R 4H 1K 1BB; Mark VanVliet 4IP 3R 6H 8Ks 1BB
Glencoe: Ron Pazitka 2-run HR; Jason Dawdy 2x2B RBI
Hickson: Sean McLaren 2 singles, 2 RBIs

Loser’s Bracket
11 am
Game 12
Linwood 86ers 5
Hamilton Hawks 1
WP: Jamie Amos 7IP 1R 4H 9Ks 2BBs
LP: Matt Somerville 4 1/3IP 4R 3ER 7H 6Ks 2BB, relief Duane Singer 1 2/3IP 1R 4H 2Ks
Linwood: Todd Swift 2-4 2RBIs; Craig Frede 2-3 RBI John Hiller 2-4 2B, 3B
Hamilton: Gary Stokes 2-3

Game 13
Mitchell Mets 8
Ohsweken Redmen 2 – 5 innings
WP: Kevin Pomfret 5IP 2R 3H 6Ks
LP: Wayne Green 2 1/3IP 5R 8H 3Ks 1BB; relief Ron Chambers 2 2/3IP 3R 4H 1K
Mitchell: Darryl Eidt 3-3; Darryl O’Connell 3-3 2B; AJ Moss 2-3
Ohsweken: Robert Bomberry 3B

Game 14
Hickson Reds 5
Ingersoll Crush 4
WP: Greg DeBelleval 7IP 4R 3ER 8H 10Ks 3BBs
LP: Adam Martin 7IP 5R 7H 4Ks 6BBs
Hickson: Adam Fishbach 2-4 2-run HR
Ingersoll: Rick Johnson 2-4; Andy Richardson 2-4

1 pm
Winner’s Bracket
Game 19
Wyevale Tribe 8
Elmira Cubs 0
WP: Jason Giffen 5IP 1H 9Ks 5BB
LP: Ryan French 3 2/3IP 6R 8H 3Ks 1BB, in relief Casey Halstead 1/3IP 2R 1H, Brad Thomson 1IP 2Ks
Wyevale: Graham McNabb HR, 2x3B 2 RBIs; Jason Giffen has thrown two 1-hitters in first two games

Game 20
Harriston Mercury’s 8
Shakespeare Falcons 0
WP: Scott Smith 5IP 2H 10Ks
LP: Fred Follings 3IP 6R 5ER 5H 5Ks 3BB, in relief Ryan Shannon 2IP 2R 1ER 3H 2Ks
Harriston: Don Leslie Grand Slam

Game 21
Port Elgin Blue Devils 8
Alvinston Indians 5
WP: Matt Hamilton 6IP 4H 2Ks 1BB in relief of Scott Christie 2/3IP 5R 1ER 2H 1K 2BBs, Steve Ketchell 1/3IP
LP: Doug Charlton 4IP 3R 6H 5Ks 1BB in relief of John Ferguson 2IP 5R 6H 3Ks 1BB
Port Elgin: Ryan Dudgeon 4-4; Ryan Whitney 3-4 HR
Alvinston: Joe Triest 2-4

Game 22
Bucktown Bees 2
Glencoe Astros 0
WP: Phillip Martin 7IP 4H 7Ks 3BBs
LP: Ian Knott 6IP 2R 5H 4Ks 3BB 1HBP
Bucktown: Lee Hopkins 2 singles 2RBIs – Lee has driven in all 7 of his team’s runs the first two games.

3 pm
Loser’s Bracket
Game 15
Linwood 86ers 5
Owen Sound Crunch 4
WP: John Hiller 5 1/3IP 3R 8H 6Ks; relief Jamie Amos 1 2/3IP 1R 2H 2Ks
LP: Mark Robbins 7IP 5R 2ER 4H 1K 2BB
Linwood: John Hiller 2 hits & GWRBI
Owen Sound: Ken Kivell 3 hits
OS had a lead off triple in B7 but couldn’t tie the game.

Game 16
Mitchell Mets 4
Rockwood Rush 3
WP: Kevin Pomfret 7IP 3R 1ER 5H 6Ks 2BB
LP: Scott Gordon 4IP 4R 5H 5Ks 1BB, relief Joel Pegg 2IP 2Ks 1BB
Mitchell: Dennis Pauli 2-2; Jeff Pauli 2-3
Rockwood: Jason Miller unassisted double play
Rockwood up 2-0 in the first, Mitchell scored 2 in the 2nd & 2 in the 4th, Rockwood added one in the 6th

Game 17
Jarvis Rock 10
Innerkip Orioles 2 – 6 innings
WP: Greg Bacher 6IP2R 4H 5Ks 1BB
LP: Paul McIntyre 2 1/3IP 3R 3H 2Ks 1BB; relief Adam Poiter 2 2/3IP 3R 4H 1K 1BB; Adam Smith 1IP 4R 3H
Jarvis: Ed Dove 2-4 3-run HR
Innerkip: Aaron Kreiger 2-3

Game 18
Elora Wellington Brewers 3
Hickson Reds 8
WP: Mark VanVliet 7IP 3R 4H 6Ks 2BBs
LP: Todd Uhrig 7IP 8R 6H 10Ks 5BBs
Hickson: Adam Fishback HR, single
Elora: Tim Barnard HR, single

5 pm
Loser’s Bracket
Game 23
Elmira Cubs 5
Hickson Reds 4
WP: Casey Halstead 7IP 4R 7H 7Ks 2BBs
LP: Greg deBelleval 2/3IP 3R 4H, relief Mark VanVliet 6 1/3IP 2R 4H 8Ks
Elmira: Lyndon Grovum HR, single
Hickson: Brad deBelleval 2 singles

Game 24
Shakespeare Falcons 5
Jarvis Rock 2
WP: Nic Laurette 6 2/3IP 2R 6H 2Ks, relief Fred Follings 1/3IP 1K
LP: Greg Bacher IP 4R 6H 4Ks, relief Brent Fehrman 5IP 1R 6H 6Ks 1BB
Shakespeare: Reid Yantzi 3 hits, 2b; Chris Falhofer 2-run HR
Jarvis Greg Bacher HR; Darren Martin 2 hits

Game 25
Alvinston Indians 3
Mitchell Mets 1
WP: Brett Neal 4 1/3IP 1R 4H 1K 1BB, relief Doug Charlton 2 2/3IP 2H 3Ks
LP: Jeff Smith 7IP 3R 6H 5Ks
Alvinston Andy Triest 2-3 RBI; Theo Metron RBI Joe Triest RBI
Mitchell: Matt McGill 1-3 RBI

Game 26
Glencoe Astros 4
Linwood 86ers 3
WP: Jason Dawdy 4IP 1R 3H 4Ks 3BB, relief Luke Leahey 3IP 2R 2H 8Ks 3BBs
LP: Jon Hiller 7IP 4R 7H 4Ks
Glencoe: Mark Johnson 2-run HR T7; Norm Logan 2 hits
Linwood: Jamie Amos 2 hits

7 pm
Loser’s Bracket
Game 29
Alvinston Indians 8
Glencoe Astros 1 – 5 innings
WP: Doug Charlton 5IP 1R 4H 4Ks
LP: Luke Leahey 1 1/3IP 5R 4H 2Ks 2BBs, relief Ian Knott 3 2/3IP 3R 6H 4Ks 1BB
Alvinston Mike Black 2 hits; Steve Donald 2 hits
Glencoe Mark Johnson 2 hits

Game 30
Elmira Cubs 6
Shakespeare Falcons 0
WP: Casey Halstead 6IP 4H 6Ks
LP: Ryan Shannon 6IP 6R 9H 5Ks 3BBs
Elmira: Andy Baechler 3 hits, 2B
Shakespeare: Reid Yantzi 2 singles

9 pm
Winner’s bracket
Game 27
Wyevale Tribe 2
Harriston Mercury’s 0
WP: Jason Giffen 7IP 2H 14Ks 1BB
LP: Greg Vader 6IP 2R 10H 8Ks 1BB
Dave Drinkhill RBI single in the 3rd, Matt Tjart RBI single in the 4th

Game 28
Bucktown Bees 2
Port Elgin Blue Devils 1
WP: Phillip Martin 7IP 1R 4H 5Ks 1BB
LP: Steve Ketchell 7IP 2R 6H 11Ks 2BBs
Bucktown Duane Greenbird 3-4 2x3B; John Stonefish 2B GWRBI
Port Elgin Ryan Whitney 2 hits including a triple

Sunday June 24
9 am
Game 32
Alvinston Indians vs Harriston Mercury’s

Game 33
Elmira Cubs vs Port Elgin Blue Devils

11 am
Game 31
Wyevale Tribe vs Bucktown Bees

Game 34
Winner 32 vs Winner 33

1 pm
Game 35
Winner 34 vs Loser 31

3 pm – Championship Game
Game 36
Winner 31 vs Winner 35

5 pm
Game 37 (if necessary)

Blair Setford
ISC Canada East VP
ISC II Commissioner

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