ISC II Tournament of Champions Starts Tuesday, Aug 13

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The ISC II Tournament of Champions gets underway Tuesday morning at Budd Park, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The first radio broadcasts begin at 11:30 am EST on Ballparkradio, with Kyle Smith and Jim Flanagan. The ISC II Ballparkradio crew has grown to eight members this year, including Blair Setford, Jim Flanagan, Joe Todd, Lance Winn, Chris Bach, Kyle Smith, David Bakker and its newest member, Steve Sabourin, the “voice of the Monkton tournament.” We’ll be doing 27 games over the next five days, finishing up with our first ever video broadcast of the title game on Saturday at 11am EST.

Get the complete schedule, and all the details, including the “Click to listen” button at the Ballparkradio website. Click the logo below.

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