Changes to the ISC II Ineligible List

November 20, 2007 – The International Softball Congress is releasing an off-season update of the Ineligible Pitching List for the ISC II division.

The ineligible list was introduced prior to the 2004 season. Additions and deletions have been made annually since then, but this is the first major overhaul of the list since November 2004 as some 90 names are being removed.

“We recognize that the list was getting dated and it was time to remove a lot of the names,” said ISC II Vice President Jim Williamson, adding that the appeals process for pitchers who are on the list remains in effect.

See below for a list of those who have been added and removed to the list effective Nov. 15, 2007.

For the complete list, as well as the appeals process, please see the ISC II page on the ISC website at

For additional information, please contact:

Jim Williamson

Blair Setford
ISC II Commissioner

Added as of Nov. 15, 2007
Jonas Mach
Regan Manley
Max Montero
Mattias Tessore

Removed from list – Nov 15, 2007
John Abramson
Aaron Adelaman
Greg Anderson
Ken Bergen
Greg Bouchard
Ancel Buff
Stoney Burke
Kevin Careless
Dave Clark
Dan Climenhaga
Jim Cowdrey
Brandon Craig
Gerald Doty
Terry Downes
Kelly Dyson
Kevin Egar
Brad Elliot
Rick Ferry
John Garcia
Doug Gardener
Lee Gillard
Mike Goldsmith
Mark Goreske
Kevin Grady
Rod Grass
Jamie Hall
Greg Hamilton
Robert Harry
Richard Heese
Verlando Henderson
Mark Higgins
Jeff Howell
Tony Hunhoff
Tim Jacobs
Pat Johnson
Shawn Johnson
Don King
Chad Klassen
Mike Lawton
Kevin Lloyd
Mark Long
Brett Master
Alan Meinhart
Mark Melotte
Peter Meredith
Glen Moreland
Manny Navarro
Richard Neese
Rusty Parkhurst
Todd Phipps
Rick Planngger
Scott Planngger
George Pomeroy
Mark Quinn
Mark Ramirez
Bobby Reeves
Kevin Reichardt
Ray Reynolds
Brett Richards
Rick Roberts
Curtis Rouse
Pete Sandman
Hank Scheid
Dave Scott
Maurice Sheppard
Stephen Simmons
Joe Simoni
Dwayne Singer
Mark Smith
Todd Smith
Jim Speral
Ron Sterkel
Steve Sterkel
Brent Stevenson
Scott Sumptor
Vince Swanwick
Steven Tao
Dan Thompson
Pete Turner Jr.
Brad Underwood
Dan Valachy
Richie Valenzuela
Duane VanderArk
Andy VanWettering
Gene Walters
Kyle Wardlow
Kevin Warren
Wayne Wells
Al Williams

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