Editor’s Note: There will be some great ISC II ball in Waterloo this weekend with the Cubs Classic counting six teams who will be making their way to Wisconsin in August. Led by #4 CPI and the #6-ranked host Elmira Cubs, this will be a terrific preview for the ToC.

The tournament will be a two division, with pool play starting on Friday evening at Hillside, and continuing all day Saturday.

Playoffs will begin at 11 am on Sunday following the final two pool play games at 9am. The semi final and championship games will be at 1 and 3 pm.

These are some great local teams and some great teams from surrounding leagues heading into Waterloo for the weekend. Hillside is a great venue for fastball with those two quick diamonds, beer pavilion, great food, lots of trees, etc. It will be a great weekend, no rain during the day, we will permit some rain late at night to settle the dust, sunny skies, and competitive fastball games. One of the best parks in the city to watch a great ball tournament.

Lorne Thomson Division
#6 Elmira Cubs
#4 CPI
#13 Kitchener Outlaws
Elmira Advance Millwright Juniors (Qualified for Jr. Canadians in Owen Sound)
Ayr Vics

Doug Fischer Division
#14 Bridgeport Braves
#12 Elora Wellington Brewers
#10 Waterdown Hammer
Scarborough Wolverines Juniors (Qualified for Jr. Canadians in Owen Sound)
Newmarket Stingers

GM1 7:00pm Elmira Cubs vs. Kitchener Outlaws
GM2 7:00pm Elora Wellington Brewers vs. Bridgeport Braves
GM3 9:00pm Ayr Vics vs Elmira Advanced Millwright Juniors
GM4 9:00pm Scarborough Wolverines vs. Newmarket Stingers

GM5 9:00am CPI vs. Elmira Cubs
GM6 9:00am Newmarket Stingers vs. Bridgeport Braves
GM7 11:00am Elmira Cubs vs. Ayr Vics
GM8 11:00am Waterdown Hammer vs. Scarborough Wolverines
GM9 1:00pm Elmira Advance Millwright Juniors vs. Kitchener Outlaws
GM10 1:00pm Waterdwon Hammer vs. Elora Wellington Brewers
GM11 3:00pm Kitchener Outlaws vs. CPI
GM12 3:00pm Bridgeport Braves vs. Scarborough Wolverines
GM13 5:00pm CPI vs. Ayr Vics
GM14 5:00pm Newmarket Stingers vs. Elora Wellington Brewers
GM15 7:00pm Elmira Cubs vs. Elmira Advanced Millwright Juniors
GM16 7:00pm Bridgeport Braves vs. Waterdown Hammer
GM17 9:00pm Ayr Vics vs. Kitchener Outlaws
GM18 9:00pm Scarborough Wolverines vs. Elora Wellington Brewers

GM19 9:00am Elmira Advance Millwright Juniors vs. CPI
GM20 9:00am Newmarket Stingers vs. Waterdown Hammer

GM21 11:00am Thomson 2nd vs. Fischer 3rd
GM22 11:00am Thomson 3rd vs. Fischer 2nd
GM23 1:00pm Fischer 1st vs. Winner of G21
GM24 1:00pm Thomson 1st vs. Winner of G22
GM25 3:00pm Winner of G23 and G24

We look forward to a great weekend of Fastball

Brad Thomson
Elmira Cubs

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