ISC [II] tournament might play games at Campbell Complex

Editor’s notes: The article below appeared in the Quad City newspaper last Thursday, but requires a correction and clarification.

A move of the ISC II Tournament of Champions to nearby Rock Island is not a done deal. If the proposal is made to move the ISC II to that complex, the tournament host, the Quad Cities Sports Commission would have to approve it, and then the revised contract would have to be reviewed and voted on by the ISC Executive Committee.

Additionally, the article states that Midland, Michigan will host the ISC World Tournament in 2010. While they are in discussions with the ISC to host the 2010 tournament, the decision as to who will host in 2010 remains to be made.

From the Quad-City Times, September 18, 2008

ISC tournament might play games at Campbell Complex
By Doug Green | Thursday, September 18, 2008 Quad-City Times

There could be one change when the International Softball Congress, or ISC Men’s World Fastball Tournament comes to the Quad-Cities in 2009.

The event, which is expected to generate $11 million in revenue, is scheduled to be played at Green Valley Complex in Moline.

But a proposal under consideration is that the ISC II Men’s Fastball Tournament of Champions — a separate tournament governed by the same body as the World Tournament — would be held at the Campbell Complex in Rock Island. Tournament officials want the split between the two complexes for safety reasons and press box room.

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