2009 Millgrove Early Bird Tournament

Editor’s Note: The Millgrove Early Bird Tournament goes May 8-10, hosted by the 2008 ISC II Finalist Waterdown Hammer. A total of 14 teams are on hand including last year’s ToC semi-finalist Kitchener Outlaws, the highly regarded Bridgeport Braves, Ontario Challenge Cup champion Elmira Expos and the always tough Niagara Snappers. The big question is: Will Darren Zack make his ISC II debut in Millgrove with the Ohsweken Redmen?

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May 8-10 Millgrove Early Bird Tournament Schedule
Millgrove 1
Fri 7:15 pm: Kitchener Outlaws vs. Linwood Jrs.
Fri 9:00 pm: Bridgeport Braves vs. Niagara Falls Dawgs
Sat 9:00 am: Waterdown Hammer vs. Orangeville
Sat 10:45 am: Waterdown Hammer vs. Elmira Jrs.
Sat 12:30 pm: Niagara Snappers vs. Waterloo Jrs.
Sat 2:15 pm: Bridgeport Braves vs. Ohsweken Redmen
Sat 4:00 pm: Waterdown Hammer vs. Diamond Jaxx
Sat 5:45 pm: Waterloo Jrs. vs. Cayuga Rebels
Sat 7:30 pm: Niagara Snappers vs. Kitchener Outlaws
Millgrove 2
Fri 7:00 pm: Waterloo Jrs. vs. Quyon Flyers
Fri 8:45 pm: Elmira Jrs. vs. Sudbury Cardinals
Sat 8:30 am: Ohsweken Redmen vs. Diamond Jaxx
Sat 10:15 am: Kitchener Outlaws vs. Quyon Flyers
Sat 12 noon: Cayuga Rebels vs. Linwood Jrs.
Sat 1:45 pm: Sudbury Cardinals vs. Orangeville
Sat 3:30 pm: Elmira Jrs. vs. Niagara Falls Dawgs
Sat 5:15 pm: Quyon Flyers vs. Linwood Jrs.
Sat 7:00 pm: Ohsweken Redmen vs. Orangeville
Sat 9:30 am: Niagara Snappers vs. Cayuga Rebels
Sat 11:15 am: Bridgeport Braves vs. Sudbury Cardinals
Sat 1:00 pm: Niagara Falls Dawgs vs. Diamond Jaxx

Teams will be ranked from 1st to 14th based on their win-loss-tie record during the round-robin (1 game won will be ranked higher than 2 games tied)

Ties in the standings will be broken in the following order:
1. Head-to-head results between the teams tied
2. Run differential for all 3 games (maximum run differential is 7 runs per game)
3. Runs against in all 3 games
4. Runs for in all 3 games
5. Coin toss
If more than two teams are tied, the rules above will be applied until one team wins the tie-breaker, after which the rules will be applied again, beginning at #1, for the remaining teams that are tied

• The 1st to 4th placed teams will advance to the A-division on Sunday
• The 5th to 8th placed teams will advance to the B-division on Sunday
• The 9th to 12th placed teams will advance to the C-division on Sunday
• The 13th and 14th placed teams are eliminated after the round-robin

Millgrove 1
Sun 9:00 am: C semi-final
9th place vs. 12th place
Sun 10:45 am: B semi-final
5th place vs. 8th place
Sun 12:30 pm: A semi-final
1st place vs. 4th place
Sun 2:15 pm: B final
Sun 4:15 pm: A final

Millgrove 2
Sun 9:15 am: C semi-final
10th place vs. 11th place
Sun 11:00 am: B semi-final
6th place vs. 7th place
Sun 12:45 pm: A semi-final
2nd place vs. 3rd place
Sun 2:30 pm: C final

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