Totally unofficial ISC II Rankings – really, it’s just for fun!

Tried this over at the board and got some strong reactions – good and bad – so we’ll try it here too.

Changed things a bit based on some initial feedback, so don’t be alarmed that this one is slightly different than the initial draft.

As stated on, don’t take it too seriously because it’s certainly possible that I’ve missed teams or under or over estimated teams. Also, a couple teams may have pitchers who aren’t eligible for ISC II and that could impact their ranking or even their eligibility, so please don’t get too bent out of shape if your team isn’t here or isn’t as high up as you think it should be. Have fun with it – and remember, it doesn’t mean a thing until it’s on the field.

Rank Team
1 Harriston, ON Mercurys
2 Tavistock, ON Smully’s Tavistock Merchants
3 Gladstone, MB Whips
4 Lantzville, BC Atlas Truss
5 Galesville, WI Wilber Lime
6 Seattle, WA Bodle Chiropractic
7 Micksburg, ON Twins
8 Lloydminster, AB Scope Dodgers
9 Norwich, ON Razorbacks
10 Appleton, WI The Bar of Appleton
11 Fargo, ND Chub’s Pub Wizards
12 Orrville, OH Orr Park Knights
13 Oswego, NY McKie’s Sports
14 Wilkes-Barre, PA Keating’s Fitness Center
15 Glencoe, ON Astros
16 Elkhart, IN Duncan Bullets
17 St. Paul, MN ABS-Villard
18 Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils
19 Anderson, IN Jaybirds
20 Kanata, ON Team Easton
21 Port Coquitlam, BC Firedoor (formerly Angels)
22 Alvinston, ON Indians
23 Memphis, TN Posse
24 Reasnor, IA RPMs
25 Niagara, ON Snappers
26 Cedar Rapids, IA Brew Sox
27 Perkasie, PA KMV Rise
28 Vancouver, BC VanCity
29 Hermann, MO Black Gold
30 Sioux Falls, SD Sox
31 Mankato, MN Fisher Group
32 Vancouver, BC Meralomas
33 Kenosha, WI Earl’s Club
34 Highgate, ON Rock
35 Nokomis, IL Bud Light
36 West St. Paul, MN PBI
37 Lackawana, NY Big John’s
38 Frankenmuth, MI Tiffany’s
39 Memphis, TN Dawgs
40 Yakima, WA JRW Associates
41 Evansville, WI Evansville Bowl
42 Sacramento, CA NorCal Mavericks
43 Hamilton, ON Hawks
44 Trail, BC Fire
45 Aylmer, ON Cardinals
46 Denver, CO Colorado Rage
47 Marquette, MI Marquette Fence
48 Dawson, MN Cerro Gordo
49 Wichita, KS Athletic Club
50 Monfort, WI New Image
51 Fullerton, CA Leafs
52 Denmark, WI Circle Tap Lumberjacks
53 Hoyt, NB Schooners
54 Dryden, ON Trappers
55 Regina, SK Century 21 Angels
56 Amado, AZ Luna Towing
57 Devils Lake, ND Risers
58 Sioux Falls, SD Scarlett O’Hara
59 Portage, MB SDM Phillies
60 Rochester, NY Bombers
61 Mitchell, ON Mets
62 St. Paul, MN Vanelli’s
63 Mississauga, ON Arrows
64 Las Cruces, NM Titans

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