Canada East ISC II Home League Program for 2005

Bob McGowan, ISC Canada East Commissioner, is inviting men’s intermediate fastball leagues in Ontario to join the 2005 ISC II Home League program to give their league’s representative a shot at qualifying for the 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions to be played in Kitchener.

Nearly 5,000 fans watched the ISC II Championship Game in 2002 in Kitchener and there is no reason not to expect the same next year. The ISC may not be back in Ontario for another five years and for many players, 2006 may be the last time they can participate in such a fantastic event in front of friends and family.

There is no initial cost to affiliate your league with the program. Each league will operate under its own unique rules. As of August 5, each league will qualify a representative team to advance to the ISC II Ontario Cup to be held August 26-28, in Hillsburgh. The tournament format will be double knockout.

Involvement in the program, which started in 2003, can help your league:
generate greater league publicity
place increased importance on the regular season schedule
provide increased competition for league teams in contention for the berth
provide a good marketing tool to retain junior and intermediate players who do not have ISC aspirations but would like to play on a larger stage like ISC II.
See where it stacks up against other Ontario intermediate leagues

Previous champions included the Norwich Razorbacks of the Tri-County league in 2003, who went on to finish tied for 5th at the 2004 ISC II Tournament of Champions in Fargo, ND, and Port Elgin Blue Devils, of the Blue Water league, who will compete in this year’s ToC in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.

The entry fee for the Ontario Cup will be $175 per team. A payment to cover the entry fee will be due on July 15. If a league decides not to send a team by August 15, the entry fee will be returned.

A reminder that only eligible players are allowed to participate. Teams will be allowed two pickups from within their league and can replace any ineligible players with players from within their league. All rosters must be approved by their individual leagues and are subject to final approval by Ontario ISC personnel.

To affiliate your league with the 2005 ISC II Home League program, please contact Bob McGowan at 519.941.6767 (home) or 905.672.7473 (office) or (email).

Entries in the 2005 ISC II Ontario Cup will be limited to 16, including the host team. Berths will be provided on a first reply basis. We have already heard from several leagues, so don’t delay in confirming your affiliation with the Canada East ISC II Home League Program.

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