Elkland First Weekend Tourney

16 teams set for the 16th annual Elkland “First Weekend” tournament held in Elkland, Pa from August 28-30 2009.

ESA Bellys- Elkland
NY Bombers- Cortland NY
Rochester Warriors- Rochester NY
Oswego Express- Oswego NY
Knoxville/Ontario- Knoxville Pa/Ontario CA
Beverage Barn- Williamsport Pa
R.F. Linemen- Elkland Pa
Pa Power- Ephrata Pa
Keenyville FP- Keenyville Pa
Lackawanna FP- Lackawanna NY
PT Awards- Williamsport Pa
Keatings Fitness – Wilkes Barre Pa
Northern Merchants- Poland NY
Yuengling Brewers- Pottsville Pa
Cornerstone Excavating- Ephrata Pa
Waterdown Hammer- Waterdown Ontario

-ISCII pitchers and players only
-ASA non- approved bat list enforced


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