ISC II Changes for 2010

The following is a summary of changes approved by the ISC Board of Directors at the annual meeting in Quad Cities and take effect for the 2010 season that impact ISC II. Additional changes were approved that impact only WT teams. For more info click here.

Penalty for late entry fees – Any World Tournament or ISC II ToC team entry fees not received by July 20 will be assessed a $50 late fee. 

Mercy Rule Changed – The ISC abandoned its 7-run mercy rule and adopted the ASA rule which is 15-run lead after 3 innings, 12-run lead after 4 innings or 7-run lead after 5 innings.

Entry Info Letters – Once a team has qualified for the World Tournament or ISC II ToC entry, the manager is sent an information letter giving him/her all information they need for entry. In the past these letters have been mailed via snail mail rather than email. Beginning in 2010, these letters will be sent to the team manager (or designated team rep) by email with copies to the Regional Commissioners, Vice President and Tournament Host.

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