Loughborough Tournament Results

The Loughborough Men’s Fastpitch League (Played in the Kingston, ON area) had their championship tournament to determine a League Champion on Fri Sept 11 and Sat Sept 12, 2009. With the top 4 teams receiving a double life and the bottom 4 receiving a single life with no if necessary game only a championship, the knockout tournament results and regular season standing are as follows:


1-Napanee Express Jr’s
2-North Fred Kings
3-Kingston Cowboys

5-Enterprise Oasis
7-Central Frontenac Midget Cyclones
8-Battersea Merchants

** The Napanee Express Midgets also competed in Regular season play, however due to player availibilty could not compete in Championship Play**

Fri 7pm Napanee Jr’s W –
Sunbury L –

WP – J. McDonald
LP – “Lefty” Clark

Fri 7pm North Fred Kings W –
Kingston Cowboys L –

WP – B. Brooks
LP – J. Lockeridge

Fri 9pm Enterprise Oasis Pools W –
Battersea Merchants L –

WP – L. Brown
LP – M. Paul

Fri 9pm Sydenham W –
Central Frontenac Midget Cyclones L –

WP – C. Price
LP –

Sat 9am Sunbury W –
Enterprise L –

WP – T. Hollandsworth
LP – K. Brown, D. Douttle

Sat 9am Kingston Cowboys W –
Sydenham L –

WP – R. Sharpe
LP – C. Price (left in 2nd due to injury), C.Bowes

Sat 11 am Napanee Jr’s W
North Fred Kings L

WP – J. McDonald
LP – B. Brooks

Sat 12pm Kingston Cowboys W –
Sunbury L –

WP – J. Lockeridge
LP – T. Hollandsworth

Sat 3pm Kingston Cowboys W –
North Fred Kings L –

WP – Switzer
LP – J. Thompson

Sat 5pm Kingston Cowboys W –
Napanee Jr’s L –

WP – R. Sharpe
LP – J McDonals

Kingston Cowboys are the 2009 LMFL Champions.

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