House looking to revive Erie tourney

Editor’s Note: Our good friend and Ballpark Radio broadcast partner Bill Hillhouse is looking to revive the Erie tournament on the American Memorial Day weekend. Let Billy know if you’re interested. At one time, this was one of the premier early season events and could be again.

To the softball community. I am trying to revive the Erie PA Memorial Day tournament. I know there is a lot going on right now in the softball world and teams are a ways from committing to a schedule at this point but, if there is enough interest.. I will make this go. I’m considering all options in terms of format, # of teams, etc. But with so few places to play these days and our options dwindiling. I will see if I can make this happen.

The knock on the Erie tournament has always been weather (for the most part). While nothing can be done about that anywhere, the last few Memorial Days without the tournament have been beautiful so why not try again.

It’s my hope to recruit the best teams possible, best umpires possible and hopefully get BallParkRadio here for the games too. Please contact me if your team has interest in coming so I can keep an email list.

Bill Hillhouse

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