All 2005 Broadcast Archives Now Available through

To all fastball fans:

The archives for the 2005 ISC II Tournament of Champions played at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin are now available via Ballparkradio/Sportjuice. The 2005 Archive consists of 26 games.

For easy access:

* Go to Ballparkradio,
* Click the ISC II Tournament of Champions logo at the top of the main page;
* Once you get to the ISC II Sportsjuice page, hold down the Control Key (to avoid your pop-up blockers, if you use them) click on the green rectangle near the top right that says: archives
* From the drop down menu, choose the game you want to listen to and play.

Please Note: In all Sportsjuice archives, you can now scroll through the timeline of the game by clicking, holding, and dragging the slider bar to listen to whatever portion of the game you want. This is different from previous years’ archives, where Sportsjuice games
could only be heard linearly, from start to finish.

The ISC II scoreboard, with links to the box scores and play-by-play is a great companion while you’re listening. It enables you to jump around (fast forward or go backwards) during the broadcast to find a particular hit or play.

For those who have inquired, we will be making audio CD’s of the games available for purchase. Watch The Deuce Blog at ( or Al’s Fastball for further announcements.

The ISC II broadcast crew sends out a big thank you to all who tuned into the broadcasts. We thoroughly enjoyed the hundreds of emails received from members of the listening audience, which topped 8,000 in terms of hits on the game links, and we appreciate the kind words and encouragement. All of us are looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2006 in Kitchener, ON.

The ISC II Broadcast Crew
Blair Setford, Jim Flanagan ,
Joe Todd, Brett Bresnahan,
Lance Winn and Chris Bach

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