Streaming of Video and Audio Broadcasts from International Softball Congress Tournaments in Wisconsin Draw Larger Crowds

Streaming of Video and Audio Broadcasts from International Softball Congress Tournaments in Wisconsin Draw Larger Crowds

“Is anybody ‘out there’ listening? Or watching?”

Those questions are always a key concern when any form of communication is produced and presented to audiences – – particularly audiences which are not at the scene of the action being described.

Well, they WERE out there listening, and they WERE out there watching when the streaming of audio broadcasts and the live streaming video were coming from Eau Claire and Chippawa Falls, Wisconsin, last week during the I.S.C. World Tournament and the ISC-II Tournament of Champions.

The numbers are in, and they are good – – – VERY good!

The increases in listeners/viewers compared with 2004 are impressive, to say the least.

The number of ISC World Tournament hits for the 2005 tourney broadcasts and telecasts increased by 50% to well over 15,000.

The number of hits on broadcasts from the ISC-II Tournament of Champions nearly doubled from the 2004 total to over 8,100.

Dave Blackburn, ISC Commissioner of Streaming and Broadcasting was well-pleased with the response:

“Our live streaming video of the three games on Championship Saturday provided ISC fans with a Press Box point of view and a glimpse at the future of fastball coverage,” says Blackburn. “The fact that people requested nearly 25,000 accesses to our ISC and ISC-II video and audio streams speaks to our successful growth of this five year old offering to the global fastball community.”

Jim Flanagan, ISC-II Broadcaster, of, observed that, “The response to the broadcasts from the ISC-II fans and players has been nothing short of spectacular. We received e-mails from all over the U.S., Canada, and even Europe from listeners tuning into the games.” Flanagan further noted that, “The streaming audio broadcasts bring the excitement of the game right into the living room of the families and fans back home and provides great exposure for the game of fastball. Blair Setford has built a crew of quality broadcasters for the ISC-II, including Joe Todd, Lance Winn, Brett Bresnahan, and Chris Bach.”

Blair Setford, ISC-II Commissioner, who heads up the ISC-II broadcast program, observed that, “We are very pleased to see the increase in listeners to the ISC-II Tournament of Champions, and we look forward to bringing those games to even more fans next year.”

Blackburn referred to the coverage and the response as a “glimpse of the future.”

Well said! And BRING IT ON!!!

August 27, 2005

Gordon Wise
ISC Information Officer

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