Thanks to all the Casper Park personnel

I would like to extend a BIG THANK YOU to the Casper Park personnel in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. During the ISC-II Tournament of Champions, they did a great job running the show.

The Crew was:
Bill Faherty, head of the Rec Department and Tournament Director
Dick Hebert, head of Casper Park maintenance
and his crew
Terry Johnson, Ade King, Tara Johnson, Jason Proue, Brady Zwiefelhofer

Jared Faherty, head of the scorerkeepers

And all of the Scorekeepers:
Steve Frank
Kacy Frank
Sarah Nelson
Warren Walicki
Heather Walicki
Joe Hogan
Mikayla Hogan
Lindsay Johnson
Ashley Brawford
Kelly Jackson
Laurie Gonsowski
Tim Peterson
Erica Rubenzer
Jessica Freagon
Brooke Malnory
Kayla Nicolai
Hannah Pritchard

Thanks to all for the fine job they did in all aspects of the tournament.


Hank De Wild
ISC II Statistician

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