New Format Possibility for ISC World Tournament In 2006

This is an exciting change to the World Tournament format. In terms of ISC II, with the level of competition being much closer, we are planning to maintain the current round robin format, followed by the single elimination format – which enjoyed significant support in our survey of teams back in 2004. If you have any comments about adopting a similar format for ISC II, please fee free to leave them here, or you can post them on the ISC II forum here or you can email me at blairjs(at)
Blair Setford
ISC II Commissioner

There is a possibility of a new ISC World Tournament format in 2006 in Kitchener. If the Board of Directors of the ISC gives its approval, there will be a different look to the World Tournament when that international event hits Kitchener in August.

And what a difference that format will be! Players, fans, ISC officials, and the host city of Kitchener are already rising to a standing ovation over the proposed change.

The benefits awaiting fans, teams, and the hosting Kitchener organization are likely to include all of the following:

1. It is certain to provide more meaningful games earlier in the tournament – and this will heighten the interest level during those days formerly devoted to round robin matches;
2. This increased interest in early games will attract more fans – – and attract them earlier in the tournament – – and keep them glued to their seats at the old ball park for the entire run of the event;
3. The lesser number of teams (32 instead of 40) will mean that nearly all games will be played on the main diamond so fans won’t face as many dilemmas as to which game they will watch;
4. The overall excitement of a true elimination bracket will be re-introduced to the World Tournament.


As we enter 2006, we find that there are simply not 40-teams available to play at the ISC World Tournament level. We are anticipating perhaps 32-35 teams with interest and ability to play the ISC World Tournament. This number includes 3 International teams.

Of the 40-teams in our 2005 World Tournament, 11-13 teams have already announced they have ceased operations for 2006 or are otherwise unable to play the tournament in 2006. This information was gathered by polling every ISC Area and Travel League Commissioner in January.

Background of Format Change

Following the 2004 World Tournament, the ISC began working on alternative formats to accommodate fewer than 40-teams yet addressing the concerns and desires of teams, fans and host city.

One of the focal points was to go back to an “elimination type bracket” but altering it so teams could still be guaranteed 4-games. We think we have accomplished that goal with what is being called EGC-32 (Every Game Counts).

And just what does the new “Every Game Counts” format provide?

It is a modified 32-team double elimination bracket with a 12-game “play-in” round for teams who lose in the first or second round of the losers bracket. Ultimately, 4 teams emerge from the play-in round and are then integrated back into the regular losers bracket.

Those 4-teams still have an opportunity to win the tournament. It is not a meaningless consolation round.

Of the 32-teams, only 4-teams will be eliminated with 0-3 records. The remaining 28-teams are guaranteed 4 or more games.

Since 2001, we have had numerous players and fans ask for a return to the elimination type tournament rather than the round robin. Many long-time ISC World Tournament fans have delayed coming to the tournament until after the round robin portion was complete.

Both players and fans expressed disappointment in round robin because of the games they deemed meaningless and the number of blowouts.

From a host city perspective, they obviously want as many fans as possible and it is felt that going back to the elimination bracket, more fans will attend and for more days.

Process For Implementing in 2006

The only way the EGC-32 can be used in 2006 is with Kitchener’s approval and their approval was received on February 11.

With Kitchener’s approval of EGC-32, the ISC Board of Directors now must formally vote to implement it in 2006. EGC-32 has already been approved by the ISC World Tournament Committee, the Player Rep Committee and the ISC Executive Committee.

Sample Bracket On ISC Web Site

For benefit of players and fans, we are displaying a sample EGC-32 bracket on the ISC web site. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

This web site display is intended to show how the EGC-32 bracket works and how the games flow. The chronological game schedule will likely have some changes between now and tournament time but our purpose now is to have everyone see how it works.

To properly display the bracket on the web site, it does not lend itself to printing. For those would want a EGC-32 bracket to print on one 8 ½ X 11 paper, send an email request to iscken(at) and it will be sent in excel format as an email attachment.

Team Rankings To Continue

If EGC-32 is adopted for 2006, we will continue ranking ISC teams during the season and the top 16 teams from the late July rankings, will be placed in their proper seed position on the World Tournament bracket. The remaining 16 teams will be placed on the bracket based on a combination of rankings, geography and avoiding first round games between teams who regularly played one another during the season.


The ISC feels this new format will bring back much of the luster of the ISC World Tournament. As the name says, EVERY GAME COUNTS!


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