Finalists from Last Two ISC II’s at KW Pride Tournament (May 26-28)

From Al’s Fastball:
K-W Pride Tourney

St. Clements, On The Field is set for the 15th annual K-W Pride tourney in St. Clements Ontario The team’s competing this year will be:

Alvinston Indians (2002 ISC II ToC Champions, 2005 ISC II ToC 3rd place)
Bridgeport Braves (2006 Host ISC II ToC)
Elmira Cubs ( 2005 ISC II ToC Champions)
Elmira Jrs
Breslau Badgers
Breslau Majors
Harriston Mercury’s (2003, 2004 ISC II ToC Champions)
Mitchell Mets
Kitchener Phoenix (2005 Ontario Challenge Cup 3rd place)
Port Elgin Blue Devils (2005 ISC II ToC 2nd place)
Tavistock Merchants (2004 ISC II ToC 2nd place)
Moorefield Dukes
Morpeth Magic
Kitchener Selects
Shakespeare Falcons

From: “Rick Boyd” rboyd (at)

Editor’s Note: A great lineup of teams, including last year’s ISC II Tournament of Champions Finalists (Elmira and Port Elgin), as well as the 2004 finalists, Harriston Mercury’s and Tavistock Merchants and the 2002 ISC II Champions.

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