2006 ISC II ToC Schedule now available

The ISC is pleased to release the pools and schedule for the 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions to be played at Budd Park in Kitchener and Kinsmen Park in Cambridge.

Play will begin Sunday August 13 at 11 am with the championship scheduled for 5 pm on Friday August 18.

Each team will play four pool games with the top three in each of seven pools, along with three wildcards, moving on to a single-elimination playoff bracket.

The full schedule can be found here on the ISC II section of the ISC website at www.iscfastpitch.com or see below for a breakdown of the schedule by pools.

The pools are as follows:
Pool A
Elmira, ON Cubs
Denver, CO Colorado Rage
Micksburg, ON Twins
Orangeville, ON Resolve Kings
Reading, PA Bob Hoffman’s Garage

Pool B
Bridgeport, ON PROforma Braves
Bakersfield, CA California Lumberkings
Thomson, IL Area Merchants
Waterdown, ON Hammer
Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric

Pool C
Perkasie, PA Rise
Hermann, MO Black Gold
Harriston, ON Mercury’s
Millington, MI Up-to-Date Painting
Kingston, ON Cowboys

Pool D
Port Elgin, ON Blue Devils
Alvinston, ON Indians
Palermo, ON Athletics
Grand Prairie, AB Pride
Harrisburg, PA PA Power

Pool E
Oswego, NY Cutro Professional Inspections
Glencoe, ON Astros
Ashland, OH Merchants
Yakima, WA JRW & Associates
Mitchell, ON Mets

Pool F
Elora, ON Wellington Brewers
Marshall, MI Rice Creek Lightning
Kitchener, ON Phoenix Outlaws
Stittsville, ON 56ers
Sydney, NS Cardinals

Pool G
Ottawa, ON Team Easton Thunder
Tavistock, ON Merchants
Toronto, ON Champion Indians
South Lebanon, PA TNT
Orrville, OH Orr Park Knights

11:00 AM Gm Bob Hoffman’s
K1 Sun 1 Orangeville Kings

9:00 PM Gm Elmira Cubs
B1 Sun 17 Colorado Rage

9:00 PM Gm Micksburg Twins
B2 Sun 18 Orangeville Kings

1:00 PM Gm Colorado Rage
B1 Mon 27 Micksburg Twins

4:00 PM Gm Bob Hoffman’s
B2 Mon 31 Elmira Cubs

9:00 AM Gm Micksburg Twins
K1 Tue 39 Bob Hoffman’s

10:00 AM Gm Orangeville Kings
K2 Tue 41 Elmira Cubs

2:00 PM Gm Colorado Rage
B2 Tue 48 Bob Hoffman’s

5:00 PM Gm Elmira Cubs
B1 Tue 54 Micksburg Twins

10:00 AM Gm Orangeville Kings
K2 Wed 63 Colorado Rage

1:00 PM Gm Thomson Area Merchants
K1 Sun 5 Waterdown Hammer

7:00 PM Gm Bridgeport Braves
B1 Sun 13 California Lumberkings

7:30 PM Gm Thomson Area Merchants
K1 Sun 15 Fitzroy Harbour

12:00 PM Gm California Lumberkings
B2 Mon 25 Thomson Area Merchants

12:00 PM Gm Fitzroy Harbour
K1 Mon 26 Waterdown Hammer

8:00 PM Gm Fitzroy Harbour
B2 Mon 36 Bridgeport Braves

2:00 PM Gm Waterdown Hammer
K2 Tue 49 Bridgeport Braves

4:00 PM Gm California Lumberkings
K2 Tue 53 Fitzroy Harbour

7:00 PM Gm Bridgeport Braves
B1 Tue 57 Thomson Area Merchants

1:00 PM Gm Waterdown Hammer
B1 Wed 68 California Lumberkings

11:00 AM Gm Harriston Mercury’s
K2 Sun 2 Kingston Cowboys

2:00 PM Gm Up-to-Date Painting
B2 Sun 8 Black Gold

9:00 AM Gm Harriston Mercury’s
B1 Mon 21 Up-to-Date Painting

11:00 AM Gm Kingston Cowboys
B1 Mon 24 Perkasie Rise

7:00 PM Gm Perkasie Rise
B1 Mon 35 Black Gold

1:00 PM Gm Perkasie Rise
B1 Tue 46 Harriston Mercury’s

3:00 PM Gm Black Gold
K1 Tue 51 Kingston Cowboys

8:00 PM Gm Kingston Cowboys
B2 Tue 59 Up-to-Date Painting

9:00 AM Gm Up-to-Date Painting
B1 Wed 60 Perkasie Rise

11:00 AM Gm Black Gold
B1 Wed 64 Harriston Mercury’s

12:00 PM Gm Palermo Athletics
B2 Sun 4 Grande Prairie Pride

3:00 PM Gm PA Power
K1 Sun 9 Port Elgin Blue Devils

7:00 PM Gm Grande Prairie Pride
B2 Sun 14 Alvinston Indians

10:00 AM Gm Palermo Athletics
B2 Mon 22 PA Power

2:00 PM Gm Grande Prairie Pride
K1 Mon 29 Port Elgin Blue Devils

9:00 PM Gm Port Elgin Blue Devils
B1 Mon 37 Alvinston Indians

11:00 AM Gm Alvinston Indians
K1 Tue 43 PA Power

3:00 PM Gm Port Elgin Blue Devils
B1 Tue 50 Palermo Athletics

4:00 PM Gm PA Power
B2 Tue 52 Grande Prairie Pride

10:00 AM Gm Alvinston Indians
B2 Wed 62 Palermo Athletics

12:00 PM Gm Oswego CPI
B1 Sun 3 Ashland Merchants

1:00 PM Gm JRW & Associates
K2 Sun 6 Glencoe Astros

7:30 PM Gm Mitchell Mets
K2 Sun 16 Oswego CPI

2:00 PM Gm Ashland Merchants
B2 Mon 28 JRW & Associates

5:00 PM Gm Oswego CPI
B1 Mon 33 Glencoe Astros

9:00 AM Gm Glencoe Astros
B1 Tue 38 Ashland Merchants

10:00 AM Gm Mitchell Mets
B2 Tue 40 JRW & Associates

5:00 PM Gm Glencoe Astros
K1 Tue 55 Mitchell Mets

12:00 PM Gm Ashland Merchants
B2 Wed 66 Mitchell Mets

2:00 PM Gm JRW & Associates
B2 Wed 70 Oswego CPI

3:00 PM Gm Stittsville 56ers
K2 Sun 10 Sydney Cardinals

4:00 PM Gm Elora Brewers
B1 Sun 11 Rice Creek Lightning

9:30 PM Gm Stittsville 56ers
K1 Sun 19 Kitchener Outlaws

4:00 PM Gm Kitchener Outlaws
K1 Mon 32 Rice Creek Lightning

6:00 PM Gm Sydney Cardinals
B2 Mon 34 Elora Brewers

11:00 AM Gm Rice Creek Lightning
B1 Tue 42 Stittsville 56ers

12:00 PM Gm Kitchener Outlaws
K2 Tue 45 Elora Brewers

6:00 PM Gm Sydney Cardinals
B2 Tue 56 Kitchener Outlaws

11:00 AM Gm Elora Brewers
K1 Wed 65 Stittsville 56ers

12:00 PM Gm Rice Creek Lightning
K2 Wed 67 Sydney Cardinals

2:00 PM Gm Ottawa Team Easton
B1 Sun 7 Toronto Indians

4:00 PM Gm Tavistock Merchants
B2 Sun 12 Orr Park Knights

9:30 PM Gm South Lebanon TNT
K2 Sun 20 Ottawa Team Easton

10:00 AM Gm Toronto Indians
K1 Mon 23 Orr Park Knights

3:00 PM Gm Tavistock Merchants
B1 Mon 30 South Lebanon TNT

12:00 PM Gm Toronto Indians
B2 Tue 44 Tavistock Merchants

1:00 PM Gm Orr Park Knights
K1 Tue 47 South Lebanon TNT

7:00 PM Gm Ottawa Team Easton
K1 Tue 58 Tavistock Merchants

9:00 AM Gm South Lebanon TNT
K1 Wed 61 Toronto Indians

1:00 PM Gm Ottawa Team Easton
K1 Wed 69 Orr Park Knights

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