ISC & ISC II Facilities Taking Shape for the Big Events

The parks in Kitchener & Cambridge are really starting to take shape.

At PHBY, site of the World Tournament, the stands are almost complete and are looking great. All diamonds have new Big O plastic tubing around the tops of the fences and dugouts.

At Budd Park, the main facility for the ToC, New Big O tubing has been installed there as well. All lights have been cleaned and reaimed. The old wooden bleachers that were built into the hill on 1st and 3rd base side at Budd 1 are being replaced with aluminum bleacher seats encased in cement. The infield and outfield are in awesome shape.

At Kinsmen 1 & 2, the satellite facility for the ToC in Cambridge, by the end of this week, the diamonds will be changed from stone dust infields to clay infields and warning tracks

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.

Rick Boyd
2006 ISC II Tournament Director

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