K-W Pride Tournament – St. Clement’s, ON

Courtesy Al’s Fastball

St. Clements, ON

May 25-27, 2007

Results from K.W. Pride Tourney
Preliminary round
Breslau Badgers 4 Elmira Advance Millwright Jrs 3
Shakespeare Falcons 3 Kitchener Outlaws 0
Harriston Mercury’s 7 Waterloo Hallman Jrs 0
Mitchell Mets 5 Linwood 86er’s 2
Alvinston Indians 6 Breslau Badgers 1
Port Elgin Blue Devils 5 Waterloo Hallman Jrs 0
Shakespeare Falcons 4 Rockwood Rush 2
Morpeth Magic 6 Linwood 86er’s 2
Elmira Advance Millwright Jrs 4 Alvinston Indians 2
Port Elgin Blue Devils 4 Harriston Mercury’s 3
Kitchener Outlaws 4 Rockwood Rush 2
Mitchell Mets 3 Morpeth Magic 2

Elimination Rounds
A Division Double Knock Out Elimination
Port Elgin Blue Devils 3 Alvinston Indians 0
Mitchell Mets 6 Shakespeare Falcons 5
Port Elgin Blue Devils 3 Mitchell Mets 1
Shakespeare Falcons 7 Alvinston Indians 1
At this point the Tournament was rained out with Port Elgin Blue Devils the only undefeated team with Shakespeare Falcons and Mitchell Mets 1 loss each
all parties decided to divide the rewards as the fields were under water and would be unplayable for hours at best.

B Division Single Elimanation
Elmira Advance Millwrights Jrs 6 Harriston Mercury’s 5
Morpeth Magic 7 Kitchener Outlaws 1
At this point rained out with Elmira Millwright Jrs and the Morpeth Magic splitting this Division

C Division Single Elimination
Breslau Badgers 13 Waterloo Hallman Jrs 9
Linwood 86er’s 6 Rockwood Rush 5
Linwood 86er’s 6 Breslau Badgers 0 to win the C Division

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