Lumberkings in All-Star Charity Doubleheader

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

The Niagara Snappers are pleased to announce that they will be hosting an all star night with the visiting California Lumberkings who are travelling to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the 2008 Snapper Shootout. The Lumberkings, who were finalists at the 2007 ISC II Tournament of Champions have recently merged with the A-1 Taylor Farms club, who were 3rd place finishers at the 2007 ToC. The club features Mike Egerdeen and Dave Drotzmann on the mound as perhaps the toughest 1-2 pitching duo in ISC II along with newcomer Jeff Kawaguchi, one of the top ISC II pitchers in the Vancouver area.

The Niagara Snappers, 3rd place finishers at the 2007 ToC, have accepted a berth to the 2008 ISC World Tournament, will play host to the Lumberkings in the 7pm game, while the Lumberkings will face off with a GHFL all-star team that will be picked by former GHFL president and current ISC Canada East VP and ISC II Commissioner, Blair Setford.

The game is slated to take place at beautiful Lancaster Park in St. Catharines on Thursday June 5th with the action starting at 7pm. A BallPark Radio ( broadcast of both games is also being discussed.

Proceeds from the gate and several activities at the park including a 50-50 draw, silent auction and souvenir sales will be donated to Melissa Brideau. Melissa is the long time girlfriend of Niagara Falls Fury player Tommy Watkinson who has played ball in the Niagara Falls Men’s League for the past 15 years. Melissa is stricken with a very aggressive from of Multiple Sclerosis. Melissa is 35 years old and has reached a point in her illness where a wheelchair or scooter have become her source of mobility. Melissa is having no luck with North American treatment and is traveling to Venezuela in late April to seek treatment from world renowned specialist Dr. Yepetz utilizing rainforest natural therapy. As one can imagine this is a very costly endeavor but one that needs to be explored now. Dr. Yepetz has successfully reversed the effects of MS in many patients and Melissa feels this type of treatment is one of the few remaining options available for her. If treatments go well, Melissa will in all probability be revisiting Venezuela multiple times.

The next day, California and Niagara will both be taking part in the 6th annual Snapper Shootout which runs from Friday June 6th- Sunday June 8th. Both teams will be competing along with 14 others to claim more than $3500 in prize money. Previous winners of the Shootout include Niagara Snappers (2004, 2005 winners, 2007 co-winner), The Rise (2006 winner) and the Elora Brewers (2007 co-winners). Another very strong field is set for this year’s tournament. An update of teams will be issued shortly via and

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