Wyevale Tribe tournament schedule

Four teams in the top 20 will be in Wyevale, Ontario this coming weekend at the annual Tribe tournament, including defending champion #13 Port Elgin Blue Devils, host #15 Wyevale Tribe, #11 Kitchener Outlaws and #20 Shakespeare Falcons.

7:00 #15 Wyevale v Scarborough
9:00 Minesing v #11 Kitchener

8:30 Elmira Jrs v Elliot Lake
8:30 Wyevale v #20 Shakespeare
10:25 Elmira Jrs v Orangeville
10:25 #13 Port Elgin v Toanche
12:20 Wyevale v Kitchener
12:20 Scarborough v Shakespeare
2:15 Kitchener v Toanche
2:15 Elliot Lake v Minesing
4:10 Port Elgin v Scarborough
4:10 Orangeville v Shakespeare
6:05 Elmira v Port Elgin
6:05 Elliot Lake v Toanche
8:00 Minesing v Orangeville
9:55 Tie Breaker Game (IN)

8:30 4th v 5th
10:30 3rd v 6th
12:30 1st v Winner P1
2:30 2nd v Winner P2
4:30 Winner P3 v Winner P4

Schedule is also available here.

Michael Kelly

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