Ontario Challenge Cup East – Fitzroy Harbour

Donnacona Blue Sox upset the Ottawa Team Easton Thunder to earn a berth in the 2009 ISC II Tournament of Champions by winning the Ontario Challenge Cup East.

Fitzroy Harbour, ON – UPDATED

Ottawa Team Easton 10 Blackburn Knights 2 (5 innings)
WP: Dan Konkle (11K)
LP: Ryan Cox with relief from Derick Bulley (3K)
HR: Dave Tubman, Cory Morrison, Dan Konkle (Easton)

Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric 4 Quyon COMBAT Flyers 2 (8 innings)
WP: Brad Porter (16K)
LP: Joran Graham (11K)
Game winning RBI: Shawn Rebertz
Quyon loaded the bases in the half of the 8th but could not score.

Good crowds on hand especially considering the chilly temperature.

Next up, Stittsville 56ers vs. Wyevale Tribe and Donnacona Blue Sox vs. Kars Aces. Both games at 9am.

Stittsville 56ers 7 Wyevale Tribe 3
WP: Dan Bradley
LP: Jason Giffen, with relief from Mike Kelly

Donnacona Blue Sox 7 Kars Aces 0
WP: Francis Leclair
LP: Rob Cameron, with relief from Trevor Lahey

Quyon Flyers 7 Kars Aces 1
WP: Drew Hathway
LP: Trevor Lahey

Wyevale Tribe 9 Blackburn Knights 5
WP: Mike Kelly with relief from Jason Giffen
LP: Jamie Blakely with relief from Derick Bulley

Ottawa Team Easton 6 Stittsville 56ers 5
WP: Dan Konkle in relief of Jason Smith, with relief from Jason Smith
LP: Darren Featherstone with relief from Dan Bradley

Donnacona Blue Sox 1 Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric 0
WP: Francis Leclair (1 hitter)
LP: Brad Porter in relief of Bud Hanlon

Quyon Flyers 4 Stittsville 56ers 2
WP: Drew Hathway
LP: Dan Bradley

Wyevale Tribe Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric halted in the bottom of the fourth due to rain/lightning. Will be resumed Sunday 9am with Wyevale leading 5-0

Undefeated game (Donnacona vs. Team Easton) will be played at 10am Sunday

winner of Wyevale/Fitzroy Harbour to Quyon at 10am Sunday with winner to play loser of undefeated game at noon

Final 2pm, if game 4pm

Sunday September 21
9 am
Wyevale Tribe 7 Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 0
WP: Jason Giffen
LP: Bud Hanlon, relief Steve Cavanaugh

10 am
Donnacona 1 Ottawa Team Easton 0
WP: Francis Leclair – no hitter
LP: Jason Smith

11 am
Wyevale Tribe 7 Quyon 6 – 8 innings
WP: Jason Giffen
LP: Drew Hathway

1 pm
Ottawa Team Easton 6 Wyevale Tribe 1
WP: Dan Konkle
LP: Jason Giffen, relief Chris Bell

2:30 pm
Donnacona 9 Team Easton 2
WP Francis Leclair
LP Dan Konkle, relief Jason Smith

More details at www.fitzroyfastball.blogspot.com.

Adam Brown

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